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  • "I enjoyed our meeting very much and I am excited about the opportunity of working closely with Legal Line to expand the scope of your product. Since you will provide them for free, Quicklaw will agree to mail a Legal Line poster and personal letter to each of the 14,000 names on Quicklaw's Ontario mailing list at our expense.

    Patrick McNeill, Vice President, Sales

    Quicklaw Inc.

  • "Many of our clients have little knowledge on their legal rights and the various legal processes involved with problems they may regularly confront. Our office, being restricted to mainly Real Estate and Estate matters, cannot sufficiently advise them as to their rights in different areas. The Legal Line pamphlets have been an extreme success in educating this class of clientele. We have been thoroughly impressed with both the content and layout of the Legal Line brochure and phone service. It is easy to understand, easy to use, and very informative.

    Elizabeth M. Webster, LL.B.
    Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries Public

    R.L. & J.H. Webster Law Office

  • "Can you send me 50 posters and 1,000 flyers ? I know this is a lot but we have multiple units in this institution, a 333-bed medium and maximum security facility for both remanded and sentenced female offenders. Also, I will forward half over to the Maplehurst side which is a medium to maximum security correctional facility for adult males 18 years of age and over, sentenced to less than two years incarceration and for those remanded in custody pending appearance in court. A variety programs and services help inmates develop positive skills and attitudes for successful adjustment in the community after release. Volunteers help to deliver many programs including: literacy * life skills * addictions * anger management * human relations * religious services, spiritual care * Alcoholics Anonymous * Narcotics Anonymous * Aboriginal services * individual counselling

    Penny J. MacLean
    Volunteer & Program Coordinator

    Vanier Centre for Women / Maplehurst Correctional Complex

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