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  • "Please send 100 copies of your Legal Line info pamphlets which we will display in our waiting room.

    William E. Mathers, LL.B.
    Barristers & Solicitors

    William E. Mathers & Associates Law Office

  • "This free website and call-in service will be a helpful first step for people coming into contact with the criminal justice system. It will assist them in assessing the seriousness of charges, the nature of the offence in issue, and whether they will need a lawyer to assist them in dealing with the matter. The information provided by Legal Line should reduce some of the stress and anxiety of being involved in the court system by providing basic information to aid in understanding a difficult situation.

    Steven Skurka, B.A., LL.B / Leslie Pringle, B.A., LL.B.
    Certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Criminal Litigation

    Skurka & Pringle Law Office

  • "I received the Legal Line brochure in the mail recently with the Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company (LPIC) Practice Pro material. I have been practicing litigation for 12 years, and I also sit twice a month as a Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) judge. To say that your brochure contained a plethora of useful material would be an understatement !

    Jonathan Pitblado, LL.B., Judge
    Law Office of Pitblado & Associates

    Supreme Court of Canada (SCC)

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