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  • "Thanks for putting together this guide with legal information for people to access. It is greatly needed, appreciated and useful for the families that have many questions concerning legal issues. Send me 500 right off the bat. We service 5 offices in the Halton region.

    Lisa Hutchinson, Probation Secretary
    Halton Youth Justice Services

    Ministry of Corrections, Youth Services (MCYS)

  • "I first received a Legal Line Guide and was FASCINSTED with it. This guide is excellent and a tremendous resource. We shall distribute it with care.

    Marty Klein, LL.B.

    Klein Law Office

  • "This center provides individualized educational support to adults... to further their education. We have many courses on Law, Parenting, English and Business. I picked up a copy of your guide as a resource for the students. I have posted it up in our classroom, and was amazed at the overall interest and success it brought to individual and classroom discussion.

    Catherine McHugh

    Adult Education Centre - Casselman Campus

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