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Telephone Help-line

• Pre-recorded Answers,  24 hrs / day

• Live Help,  Monday to Friday / 9 – 5 p.m.

For those without Internet access, or for those who prefer to ‘listen’ to our legal answers (such as those with disabilities, or for people who can’t read) all of the information on this website is also available on our pre-recorded, 24 hour telephone help-line.

Callers have unlimited access to as many of the 1,200 topics as they wish, during the same call and may also skip from topic to topic, or repeat a topic. In order to use this telephone service, callers refer to their Telephone Guide which lists the ‘topic extension’ numbers, or if you are without a reference Guide just refer to the ‘topic numbers’ listed on this website.


‘Live’ Help
After listening to a specific answer, callers who wish to speak with an expert, on that specific legal issue, can do so during the same telephone call. The caller simply presses ‘0’ and their call is transferred to a lawyer, other professional, or a government office.

FREE Guides to Access our Telephone Service
Guides are available from any of our 8,000 participating provincial and federal offices and community organizations which act as our public distribution centres.

Order FREE Guides


  • Large poster size, 1m x 0.6 m (3′ x 2′)
  • Often pinned up on a wall for public use
  • Pre-folded like a map to fit brochure racks, 10 cm x 21cm (4″ x 8″)




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