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Legal Line provides Canadians with access to the laws under which we are governed. Our free answers give people the information they need to make informed decisions that impact everyday life. Legal Line is a Federal not-for-profit organization.

In order to ensure that the legal information offered was valid, it was necessary to consult widely and deeply. The legal community was quick off the mark to get involved and help. Top lawyers in every specialty gave of themselves as the information was collected, checked, formatted and presented.

Institutions including: The Law Society of Upper Canada, Ministry of the Attorney General, Ministry of Public Safety, and The Supreme Court of Canada all played a part in the noble enterprise.

Legal Line was made available in book form — a perennial Bestseller — and as a free telephone helpline in March 1993. The Legal Line website came online in 1995. Over time, 1000 topics were developed, covering the laws of all provinces and territories, as well as federal laws.

Legal Line is used by a wide-range of audiences including:

  • individuals
  • the business community
  • legal community
  • students and educational institutions
  • lawyers and their clients
  • financial industry
  • insurance industry
  • global partners
  • foreign consulates both in and out of Canada
  • all levels of Canadian government

Over 30 million enquiries have been answered and the numbers are on the rise.


Telephone Answers and ‘LIVE’ Help

This website provides free legal information in 107 languages for those whose first language is not English or French.

For those who are illiterate, visually impaired, or those who simply prefer to 'listen' to legal answers, our telephone information line provides pre-recorded answers 24-hours a day. When you need to speak with a professional, after choosing a topic, press '0' at any time, and be transferred directly to speak 'live' with a lawyer or other expert. Each of our agencies and law firms have been specifically chosen to best help our callers.

How can we do all this?

Our 550 legal experts help to keep the information accurate, while our Board of Advisors — all experts in their respective areas— assist in directing the future endeavours of Legal Line.

In addition, over 6,300 agencies and government offices across Canada have joined us in our efforts by displaying and distributing Legal Line flyers and reference guides.



In the past, there were few places to obtain understandable basic legal information without expense. The first major initiative to fill this need in Ontario was provided by the Law Society of Upper Canada, with its Dial-a-law service.

Even with technological limitations of the day, limited telephone lines, no website, and only 45 answers, Dial-a-law still received over 300,000 calls per year. Dial-a-law was clearly embraced by the public and was a great leap forward in public access to the law. In 1994, Legal Line replaced the Dial-a-law service. Legal Line currently receives 750,000 telephone calls per year, and this website receives 1.8 million page views per month.

Access to Justice

During the last decade, tremendous increases to the demands placed on public services have been made.

Through our free Legal Line services, we help bridge the information gap. Once users gain a basic understanding of how the law affects their situation, they can make informed decisions, including when they need the assistance of a professional.

Educating the public about the laws that govern them is an essential element in advancing the cause of justice and upholding the individual's rights. Legal Line was created, and continues to exist, as a vital part of the Access to Justice Movement.



Since the introduction of Legal Line in 1993, our services and information have continued to expand and now include:



All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honour, mercy, hope
(Winston Churchill)


There is no justice without Access to Justice
(Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin)


The strongest healing powers in our world are LOVE and JUSTICE
(Antree Demakos)


Antree Demakos, B.A., LL.B., J.D.
Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer
Ian D. Levine, B.A., D.M.A.
Co-Founder, Director, Strategic Alliances

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