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Our Users have been asking us to refer them to professional services, so as of 2018 we began accepting sponsorship and advertising.

The majority of people searching the Internet are looking for fast answers. Most of them will never hire you, and much of your Google Adwords budget is wasted on people who click away (like maniacs) just looking for information, like ours.

We answer 27,000 enquiries every day (10 million annually) ~ and then we send our best, self-vetted leads to you.

We do things differently from Google

Legal Line Referrals are ‘self -vetted’
We provide a vital public service by giving people free, easy-to-understand, quality legal answers. No gimmicks. Our information satisfies the needs of most Users, and holds their attention until they decide their next course of action. Only those who consider, or intend to hire a professional then click through and connect with you. This is why our self-vetted referrals are fewer, but more valuable.

Our Users bypass Google
The majority (65%) of our 3 million annual Users are referred to us directly from one of our trusted 8,000 government, professional, corporate and community partners, who distribute our flyers and link to us. This means you have the opportunity to connect to a different set of Users who are not on Google when they make the decision to hire.

You gain instant recognition as our Expert
Our Users get the answers they need, and we earn their trust. This trust is then passed on to our advertisers, giving you instant credibility… making it faster and easier to turn our referrals into clients.

Don’t compete with everyone on Google
We make it easy for you because we keep our website clutter free and limit competition — maximum 3 competitors per area of law per province. Reduced competition means more business for you.

FREE Google clicks
Legal Line has a high Google Authority top ranking of 50 because we had over 10 million ‘organic’ page views last year. Google attributes the same credibility to our advertisers who have a backlink from within our answers. As a result, our advertisers have jumped from as far back as page 8 on a Google search to page ONE. By coming up higher on Google searches organically, you will: (i) get free Google clicks, (ii) be seen as more credible by Google users (as opposed to paid advertisers), and (iii) reduce your Adwords spending.

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