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Website Advertising, as at 2023
Space is limited.
Some topics are sold-out.

Thank you for helping us serve our 4 million Google verified users this year, who read approx. 2.2 million FAQ’s.

Terms of Agreement

        1. Minimum Purchase is any 5 topics x $50 each = $250 month + tax.
        2. Minimum 9 Month Term from the date your Ads are uploaded to this website; Monthly thereafter.
        3. Discount 30-50%, depending on area of law, on orders over 15 topics.
        4. Discount $500.-$1,000 when you order minimum 15 topics, and hotlink your website back to any page of interest to you on Legal Line.
        5. Discount 15% if you pay the 9 months in advance, otherwise just pay the first month fee after you approve your Ads, and your campaign will be in full effect within 7 days.
        6. Ad spots limited to 3: In an effort to give our advertisers maximum exposure, and also keep our website uncluttered and easy-to-navigate, we’ve capped the number of direct competitors at 3 (per topic / per province).
        7. Exclusivity: Prevent direct competitors within the same topic(s), and less Ad clutter ensures a more pleasing visual experience for our visitors. If available, price varies depending on number of FAQ’s. In essence, you must buy all 3 spots per FAQ, less a volume discount.
        8. Right of First Refusal on limited space is given to current advertisers.
        9. Ad size / our Mobile website:  Box shape = 300 x 250
        10. Ad size / our Desktop website:  Rectangular Leaderboard Banner Horizontal shape = 728 x 127
        11. Reports showing the exact number of page views and Advertiser clicks are available on a quarterly basis.
        12. Legal Line does not guarantee the rate of conversions to sales, which is dependent on the Advertisers quality of website, and your ability to make sales.

“ASK An Expert” form submissions

        1. If the Advertiser has agreed to receive “ASK an Expert” form submissions, the Advertiser: (i) is bound by the Data Protection Terms and Conditions which form part of this Advertising Agreement, (ii) warrants and guarantees that the Advertiser is an expert in the Answer or Area of Law from which the forms are submitted to them.
        2. The Data Protection Terms and Conditions shall survive the term of this Agreement, continue indefinitely, and serve to protect the privacy and personal information of the Legal Line Users who completed and submitted the “ASK an Expert” forms.

Print Advertising

        1. Print Advertising on the Legal Line Guide is based on Ad size and circulation.
        2. Print Advertising must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
        3. Advertisers may submit their own display Ad, or you can tell us what you want and we will create it at no extra charge. Legal Line has the right to alter Ads to fit the designated size.
        4. Legal Line does not guarantee the number of leads or clients that our Guides will generate. However, our Guides are almost always kept as a reference and have continued to generate business for those appearing on them for years after distribution.


        1. Advertisers must be licensed and in good standing with the licensing body of their profession.
        2. Legal Line has the right to refuse an Ad on any basis, and specifically in the case where your competitor has bought exclusivity.
        3. The Advertiser carries a minimum of 1 million dollars of errors and omissions (professional liability) insurance.
        4. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada.

Credit Card Debit Authorization

        1. Where monthly payments are to be made, the Advertiser authorizes Legal Line to debit the credit card provided on a monthly basis.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

        1. Website Advertising: The Advertiser can cancel at any time after 9 months from the date the Ads were uploaded, by providing 30-days prior written notice.
        2. Print Advertising:  No refunds after Guide goes to print.

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