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Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors consists of 14 experts.

Through their knowledge and experience,

our advisors assist Legal Line to enhance our public services.

* Legal Line acknowledges our founding contributors as we continue to expand.


Antree Demakos, B.A., J.D.
Chief Information Officer
Legal Line

During her early days as a corporate lawyer, Antree Demakos had her first big insight — that a significant cohort of the Canadian population silently endures lives full of shame over past misdeeds. Unable to clean up their past and move forward, these legions suffered in silence, not knowing where to turn for help. Knowing that mechanisms existed to allow “paid for” criminal offences to be removed or destroyed, Antree started conducting her research.

Enter ‘Pardons Canada’, whose declared purpose was to give people HOPE and to help Canadians start fresh. Over twenty years, Antree intensively and continually researched the minutiae of records retention and destruction, as well as inter-bureau communications. A comprehensive set of procedures was developed and maintained, ensuring that the difficult and complex job of criminal record removal could be successfully completed.

Observing a need that was going unmet, Antree went ahead and created a service that grew up and became an institution. During Antree’s time as Founder and General Counsel, Pardons Canada successfully cleared 250,000 records.

As more Canadians secured their pardons, the organization became the recognized intermediary between individuals seeking a pardon and the legal establishment. Antree also acted as liaison with Canadian and American Law Enforcement Agencies, the Immigration Departments of both countries, and the Canadian judiciary. Pardons Canada became recognized as the ‘go to’ place for criminal record information, and as such was constantly fielding government requests — as many as 300 a year — to provide training sessions to police, lawyers, judges and parole officers.

While Pardons was growing, Antree identified another chronic condition causing ongoing anxiety for millions of Canadians — basic confusion about our laws.

As a lawyer, people asked her so many general questions outside her area of expertise that she started asking herself, “Where is the resource that will fulfill the needs of all Canadians for up-to-date accurate legal information?” Most of the materials that existed at that time were small brochures limited to poverty law issues. Here, again, was an aching public need that had to be addressed.

Always disdaining the idea of different classes of law for different classes of Canadians, and making it her personal mission that “needed information about the legal system would be made available for all Canadians”, Antree founded in 1993. Legal Line is about information, not advice, an important distinction.

Knowing that lawyers want the public to be informed, and are eager to help make this possible, Antree consulted hundreds of lawyers during the start-up phase of LegalLine. With over 1,600 information topics meticulously culled from hundreds of leading experts in Canadian Law, a free resource has been created for all Canadians, providing access to accurate information.

Recent Awards and Nominations:

Nominated – 2018 Order of Canada
Winner – 2018 Law Society of Ontario John Shirley Denison Award
Winner – 2017 Province of Ontario Access, Equity and Human Rights, “Constance E. Hamilton Award”
Winner – 2017 Thomson Reuters’ Zenith Award, “Celebrating Women in Law”
Winner – 2016 Thomson Reuters’ Canadian Lexpert Award, “Diversity and Inclusion”

Professional Positions:

Crown Life Insurance Company, In-House Counsel
Carson, Gross, McPherson Law Office
Antree C. Demakos Law Office, Corporate and Commercial Law
Co-Founder and General Counsel, Pardons Canada, (1993-2008)
Founder, Chief Information Officer, Legal Line (1993-present)


York University, B.A., Economics
Western University, Faculty of Law, J.D.

Books Published:

Your Guide to Canadian Law, Fitzhenry Whiteside, (700 page reference book, now in its 5th printing)
Canadian Criminal Records and How to Start Fresh, Fitzhenry Whiteside (300 page guide)

Published in:

The Toronto Star
The Globe and Mail
Numerous local papers and radio talk shows


Ian D. Levine, B.A., D.M.A.
Director, Strategic Alliances

Ian Levine is a Canadian entrepreneur who has been innovating in the Canadian legal space since 1991.

As co-founder of Pardons Canada, Ian undertook the herculean effort of assessing the REAL effects of criminal records, and building relationships with hundreds of associations that helped people get back-on-track. After more than two decades of guiding countless Canadians to a ‘fresh start’, Ian looked up one fine day and realized that the organization he had helped create had become the recognized authority in its field.

Before long, Ian was bombarded with invitations to speak, and has since conducted over 400 presentations to all levels of government including Canadian Border Services, Continuing Education meetings for lawyers, probation officers, Toronto Police and many others. Because the purpose of Pardons was to help Canadians who had ‘paid their dues’ to get a second chance at a full life, Ian was constantly asked why he would work so hard for criminals. “Any person who did wrong, paid their dues and tried to make themselves a better person has fulfilled their punishment and is deserving of a pardon. What the community doesn’t realize is that good people continue to punish themselves with shame, and suffer needlessly for years after their court imposed sentence has ended, and that’s not right, everyone needs HOPE.”

Because the mission was to take away barriers to a decent life, including institutional barriers and inner self-limiting barriers, Ian invested heavily in each person who visited the Pardons office seeking information or help as he says… “I will never regret the time we invested in each and every person”.

Asked how many of these one-on-one, heart-to-heart sessions he conducted during his tenure as Pardons Canada Founder and Director, he answers, “Only about twenty thousand. I didn’t have the time to meet them all”.

While Pardons was being built, Ian’s partner, Antree Demakos, decided to climb another mountain. “Where is the free, comprehensive, accurate and current database of answers to all the common questions Canadians have about the law ?”, she asked. It did not exist, and so of course, Ian and Antree decided to build it. Ian reached out to the very best. Before long, 30 (and now over 710) prominent Canadian lawyers and judges had started to chip in, providing answers and questions, clarifications and advice. With Ian’s telecommunications knowledge and technical skills, was cultivated into a telephone “live answer’ hot-line, and an internet online information trove.

Professional Positions:

Informix Database Software Corporation, National Telecom Manager
Pardons Canada (, Founder & Program Director (1993-2008)
Legal Information Ontario, Co-Founder
Legal Line Corporation, Co-Founder, VP of Strategic Alliances (1993-present)

Books Published:

Your Guide to Canadian Law, Co-Author, Fitzhenry Whiteside (2007)
Canadian Criminal Records, and How to Start Fresh, Editor, Fitzhenry Whiteside (2013)

Published in:

The Toronto Star
The Globe and Mail
Numerous local papers and radio talk shows


York University, Economics
McGill University, Post Graduate Applied Business Management


Guidy Mamann, LL.B.

Certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Immigration

Law School:

Osgoode Hall Law School

Areas of Expertise:

All Canadian Immigration Applications
All Canadian and US Work Visas

Bar Admission:

Ontario, 1987


Mr. Mamann is the founding partner of Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell. Mr. Mamann was formerly employed as an Immigration Officer by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration at Toronto’s Pearson international Airport.


Law Society of Upper Canada, Member
Canadian Bar Association, Member
American Immigration Lawyers Association, Member


Law Society of Upper Canada
Certified as a Specialist in Immigration and in Refugee Protection Law

Marvin A. Zuker

The Honourable Justice Marvin A. Zuker, LL.B.

LL.B. (Osgoode), M.Ed. (University of Toronto), Associate Professor, Judge

As a Criminal Court Judge sitting in Toronto, Ontario, a Small Claims Court Judge (12 years), and a Family Court Judge prior (22 years) , as well as lecturing at OISE for more than thirty years, I am very interested in the relationship of law and education, the impact of legislative changes, youth criminal justice, provincial and federal as well as common law decisions affecting our most precious commodity, our children. I focus additionally on the education profession, the rights/responsibilities of parents, school councils and private schools.


  • 1978 to date – Justice, Ontario Court of Justice
  • 1982 to date – Associate Professor, OISE/UT
  • 2013 – Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario
  • 2010 – Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, China Women’s University, Beijing, China
  • 2010 to date – Adjunct Professor, Department of Higher Education and Law, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China
  • 1987 to 1989 – Visiting Professor, Acting Director, M.A. Program in Judicial Administration, Brock University
  • 1982 to 1987 – Lecturer, York University Centre for Continuing Education
  • 1979 to 1981 – Lecturer, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (Continuing Education)
  • 1973 to 1978 – Faculty representative, Board of Governors, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute
  • 1972 to 1978 – Professor of Law, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute
  • 1972 to 1977 – Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto
  • 1969 to 1972 – Master of Law Professor, Centennial College of Applied Arts
  • 1966 to 1967 – Lecturer, Centennial College of Applied Arts



A. Gerold Goldlist, Partner, Davies


Gerold Goldlist is a partner at Davies, Ward, Phillips + Vineberg.

Gerold practices in the areas of Corporate/Commercial, Gaming, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity. He has extensive expertise in gaming and secured financing transactions and international and cross-border transactions, acting for Canadian and foreign clients on a variety of acquisitions, divestitures, financings and joint ventures. He acts for manufacturing companies, private equity firms and gaming corporations. Gerold acts for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, an agent of the Province of Ontario, which conducts and manages casinos and lotteries in that province. He has extensive involvement in negotiating the agreements relating to each of the casino complexes developed in the province, including the Niagara Falls and Windsor Casinos, and Casino Rama, which is located on First Nations Land.

Gerold’s corporate practice has extended into the area of public/private development projects. His experience in the public sector includes advising government agencies and Crown corporations on legislative and policy matters as well as being engaged in all aspects of government proposal calls and the related selection processes.

  • Named Toronto Gaming Law “Lawyer of the Year” 2013 by The Best Lawyers in Canada®.
  • Recognized by The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory as a repeatedly recommended lawyer in the area of Corporate/Commercial Law.
  • Recognized by The Best Lawyers in Canada as a leading practitioner in Gaming Law.
  • Recognized in Lexpert®’s The Best Lawyers in Canada.
  • Achieved Martindale-Hubbell’s highest ranking, AV Preeminent.

Larry Banack, LL.B.
  • For 16 years, I served as an elected Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • I publish ‘Banack’s Bencher News’ to keep the profession informed of matters arising in Convocation
  • For 7 years, I served as Chair of the Law Foundation of Ontario
  • For 3 years I served as Chair of the Law Commission of Ontario
    • I am a dispute resolution specialist with a background in civil litigation. Before founding Banack Resolutions Inc., I maintained a diverse commercial litigation practice for 30 years at a boutique law firm. As a certified civil litigation specialist, I acted for clients involved in commercial, real estate, construction, estates and professional insurance disputes.

      During that time I also developed a robust dispute resolution practice. I am frequently appointed as mediator or arbitrator and I have experience resolving complex, multi-party disputes dealing with diverse issues. Lawyers also retain me in the unique position of settlement counsel to achieve resolutions that elude the adversarial litigators. I am committed to understanding the key issues between the parties and to assist in finding creative and practical solutions to resolve disputes.


      LL.B., 1975, University of Toronto
      B. Comm, 1972, McGill University
      Dip. I.R., 1972, McGill University

      Areas of Expertise:

      Construction Law
      Real Estate Law
      Condominium Law
      Professional Liability
      Employment Law
      Shareholder Disputes
      Franchise Disputes

    family law coach

    Joel Miller, LL.B.
    Founder, The Family Law Coach

    For almost 50 years Joel was a full-time, traditional, family law lawyer representing clients at all levels of court in Ontario. Now he operates a practice serving only people acting for themselves in a family law matter.

    “A few years ago I noticed that there were more people in family court without lawyers than with – and that they weren’t getting the results that they should. At the time I was a senior partner at a downtown Toronto law firm, and chair of our firm’s family law group, charging $600/hr. to represent those who could afford me. I loved what I was doing but was ready for a change. I wanted to see if a for-profit lawyer could create, price, and deliver affordable services of value to those in court representing themselves. What would those services might be, cost, and how would they be accessed, if we looked at this from the perspective of the user/litigant – not that of the provider/lawyer.”

    This eventually lead to the creation of The Family Law Coach – a for-profit practice model exclusively serving family law self-reps by providing affordable legal assistance and coaching, remotely by phone and email to be accessible by anyone from anywhere.

    The service is designed to provide value from the perspective of the user/litigant – not the provider/lawyer – and is based on selling time, not tasks. The user chooses how much time they buy and defines how it’s to be used. There’s no up-front retainer and no visits to a lawyer’s office requiring time off work, child care arrangements, or difficult transportation. It’s intended to be a support for those acting for themselves and emphasizes coaching as well as legal assistance.

    Our current traditional model requires a person in the court system to deliver their problem to a lawyer to deal with at a cost determined by the lawyer, which cost is never known until the lawyer delivers an account. And if the client runs out of money part way through – tough.

    The Family Law Coach model keeps the client with the problem in control of their own case and supplies as much legal assistance and coaching as the client chooses. This provides specific information when needed and ongoing support and practical coaching to help the client be their most effective in representing themselves before a judge, in mediation, or in negotiations.

    The Family Law Coach isn’t for everyone with a family law matter. Your best chance of success is by hiring an experienced family law lawyer to take over your case. If you can’t afford that, then consider The Family Law Coach to get the legal assistance and coaching you need to present your case in the most persuasive way you can.


    Hilary Linton, J.D., LL.M., Cert. F. Med., Acc. FM., FDRP Med-Certified Specialist in Family Mediation

    Founder & President
    mediate393, mediate311, mediate47 and Riverdale Mediation Ltd.

    Hilary Linton is a highly respected Toronto lawyer, family mediator, and family arbitrator. After litigating family and civil disputes for 14 years, she started Riverdale Mediation in 2000 which is recognized for high-quality alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services and innovative ADR training in Toronto, all over Ontario, across Canada as well as internationally.

    Hilary is also the Toronto provider of court-connected family mediation and information services, managing the mediators and information and referral coordinators who serve the public in both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice.

    Riverdale Mediation has trained many hundreds of adult learners in family mediation, arbitration and parenting coordination training leading to professional designations, and also International and Civil Mediation training. Family mediator Hilary Linton and her team at Riverdale Mediation Training have designed a wide range of courses, including:

    A family mediation certificate program;
    Courses in family arbitration and parenting coordination;
    Family law for Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) professionals;
    Identifying, assessing and managing risk and power imbalance in family dispute resolution;
    Mediation for civic leaders, social workers and police officers; and
    Restorative justice processes for at-risk youths.

    Family mediator Hilary Linton has been honoured with the inaugural James G. McLeod Professorship in Family Law at Western University Law School, and the Ontario Bar Association Award of Excellence in ADR in 2014. She has taught many ADR courses as an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, Western Law School, and Toronto Advanced Professional Education.


    Dr. Warren Shepell

    As President of EAP Specialist Inc., Dr. Warren Shepell consults with companies and organizations to evaluate and improve their Employee Assistance Program.

    Dr. Shepell received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1974 and a M.A.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in Industrial Psychology in 1968. He began his university education at the University of Manitoba where he graduated with a B.A. in General Psychology in 1965.

    Dr. Shepell first introduced EAPs to Companies and Organizations in 1979 as President of Warren Shepell – The EAP Professionals. He was recognized by Benefits Canada as being a pioneer in EAP and was given Benefits Canada’s Silver Achievement Award. In 2002, The Benefits Industry in Canada recognized him as one of Three Wise Men for making mental health counseling and help available to millions of Canadians through their employers.

    Warren Shepell – The EAP Professionals, grew to over 460 full time, and 1500 part time employees, and provided EAP services to over 2,000 companies and organizations, serving four million employees and their families.


    Anne Gottlieb, Hons. B.A., LL.B., LL.M.

    ADR Institute Board of Directors
    Board Member

    The ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) is recognized as Canada’s preeminent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professional organization.

    Call to the Bar, Law Society of Upper Canada
    Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School
    Master of Laws (LL.M., ADR) Osgoode Hall Law School
    Bachelor of Law (LL.B.), University of Western Ontario
    Bachelor of Arts, HONOURS Hons. B.A., York University
    Hebrew University, One Year Program

    Practice Areas: Business / Commercial, Construction and Real Estate Law

    Anne obtained her Master of Laws in ADR from Osgoode Hall Law School. She was trained as a mediator and negotiator at the Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School and at CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado. She served as an Instructor for the Law Society of Upper Canada Skills & Professional Responsibility Program and has taught Negotiation, Interviewing Skills and Business Law while being on the Examination Committee for Business Law on the Bar Admission Course.

    Ms. Gottlieb has served 2 terms as Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section, is a former Chair of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) ADR Section, and is a member of OBA Council. She currently is an Executive Board Member of the ADR Institute of Ontario, and has extensive experience in senior leadership positions.

    In her various roles, Ms Gottlieb has participated in consultations with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs respecting proposed changes to the Condominium Act and has reviewed and commented on ADR provisions for the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

    Under the auspices of the International Development Program of the Canadian Bar Association, Ms. Gottlieb traveled to Zimbabwe to deliver an introductory dispute resolution training workshop for members of the Law Society of Zimbabwe. She made a presentation to the judiciary of the High Court and Superior Court of Zimbabwe on the benefits of court connected mediation and the role of the lawyer in mediation, and met with government representative and different NGOs. Ms. Gottlieb has taught the Skills and Professional Responsibility Program as well as Interviewing Skills and Negotiation for the Law Society of Upper Canada, Bar Admission Course and has taught and sat on the Examination Committee for Corporate Law.

    Anne served as an adjunct member of the teaching team for the Lawyer as Negotiator course at Osgoode Hall Law School, and has coached many mediation and negotiation students. She has supervised law school students participating in a Small Claims Court Mediation Program. As part of the Equity Program of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Ms. Gottlieb created and delivered seminars on diversity and issues of equity. The workshops were presented to a variety of organizations in an effort to develop an understanding and sensitivity to workplace and community issues surrounding discrimination.

    Anne is an Member of OBA Council, an Honorary Chair of the National CBA ADR Section. She is a former Chair of both the CBA and the OBA ADR Sections and has served as Newsletter Editor for various OBA and CBA sections. She is a Board Member of the ADR Institute of Ontario, and serves on ADRIO’s regulatory and education committees.


    Alan Gahtan, LL.B.

    Areas of Practice:

    Information Technology / Computer Law
    E-Commerce / Outsourcing

    Qualifications and Career Profile:

    Alan Gahtan practices primarily in the information technology and intellectual property law field. His practice emphasizes technology contracting, outsourcing, Internet and electronic commerce issues. As a former senior LAN Administrator and a former manager of a computer and telecommunications company, Mr. Gahtan brings strong technical expertise and business and technology industry insight to his legal practice.

    In his practice, Mr. Gahtan drafts, reviews and negotiates technology-related agreements such as software licensing, software development, hardware acquisition and maintenance, consulting and professional services, database licensing, on-line services, joint venture, outsourcing, telecom (including IRUs), and provides a wide range of other services for businesses involved in the development, distribution and use of information technology, healthcare technology and intellectual property assets.

    Mr. Gahtan provides advice on electronic commerce, EDI and Internet-related issues including registration and protection of domain names, electronic formation of contracts, website content review, liability, jurisdictional and infringement issues, linking, affiliate, web hosting and development agreements. He also provides advice, in consultation with litigation counsel, in disputes relating to ownership of intellectual property and infringement claims. Clients include financial and healthcare institutions, consulting firms, web developers and emerging technology firms.

    Recognition and Media Consultation:

    LEXPERT identifies Mr. Gahtan as a leading Toronto-based lawyer in the information technology and E-commerce law fields. He has also been identified in “An International Who’s Who of Internet and E-Commerce Lawyers” (published by Law Business Research) as one of top Internet lawyers in the world, and in Lexpert / Amercian Lawyers’ ranking of the top 500 of all lawyers in Canada (and in which he is cited as one of Canada’s leading Computer/Technology lawyers).

    Mr. Gahtan is frequently consulted by the media and has been interviewed on CBC’s Venture program (E-Commerce and the Law, April 2000) and the CBC National News, and quoted in The Globe & Mail, Wall Street Journal, The Toronto Star, The National Post, Law Times (Canada), The Lawyers Weekly (Canada), Canadian Lawyer, Advisor’s Edge, The National Law Journal (US), Computerworld, PC World and other publications.


    Mr. Gahtan is a frequent writer, speaker and conference chair on information technology law issues. He is author of Electronic Evidence and of The Year 2000 Computer Crisis Legal Guide, and co-author of Internet Law: A Practical Guide for Legal and Business Professionals and a contributing editor of E-Commerce Law (Carswell, 2002).

    Alan has also authored or co-authored contributions to numerous publications including “Overview of the Legal Framework for Electronic Commerce” in Law of International On-line Business: A Global Perspective and “Computer Technology during Trial” and “Discovery of Electronic Evidence” in The Expert: A Practitioner’s Guide.

    He has contributed articles to The Lawyers Weekly (Canada), Information & Technology Law, Law Times, Hospital Quarterly, Cyberspace Lawyer and The E-Commerce Law Report.

    Mr. Gahtan is also a long time columnist on technology issues for Law Times. A list of published articles is available at Copies of more recent articles are published on Alan Gahtan’s Techlaw Blog.

    Course Instructor and Speaking Engagements:

    Mr. Gahtan developed and taught Canada’s first computer law course at Osgoode Hall Law School (1988-1989)

    Alan an instructor for OHLS’ E-Commerce Law Course (2000) and a Course Coordinator for OHLS’ E-Commerce LL.M. Course (2002)

    Mr. Gahtan is also a frequent chair and presenter at conferences dealing with information technology contracting, Internet law and e-commerce. A list of select speeches and presentations is available at

    Associations, Memberships and Admissions:

    Mr. Gahtan is the founder and past-chair of the Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Section of the Ontario Bar Association,

    Past chair of the Toronto Computer Lawyers’ Group (1998-1999)

    A former Director of the Canadian IT/Law Association (2000-2002)

    He is a member of the American Bar Association,
    Canadian Bar Association,
    Computer Law Association,
    Law Society of Upper Canada,
    State Bar of California,
    and the Canadian IT/Law Association.

    Alan was the first Canadian lawyer to create a web presence and currently maintains a number of technology and legal related websites.


    Michael Crawford, LL.B.


    • Accomplished communicator, author and speaker on leveraging communications technologies.
    • Proven track-record in management, marketing and business consulting.
    • Extensive experience in all forms of content creation and production, from print to broadcasting to multimedia.
    • Specialized expertise in financial services, professional services, high technology, retail and manufacturing.
    • Accomplished communicator who has written over 4 million words, from magazine articles to videos to books.

    Current Responsibilities:

    President, Senior Editor & Co-Founder, WebNews Management
    Principal Consultant, MarketingDept.Biz

    Professional Education & Qualifications:

    Bachelor of Laws, University of New Brunswick
    Bachelor of Business Administration, University of New Brunswick

    Previous Professional Positions:

    Chief Marketing Officer, Holden Day Wilson
    Chief Marketing Officer, Mintz & Partners
    Executive Editor, Canadian Lawyer Magazine
    Consulting Editor, Law Times
    Consulting Editor, Labour Times
    President, Update Communications
    Law Columnist, CBC Midday & CTV National News
    Legal Columnist, The Financial Post
    Senior Vice President, Institute For International Research, Toronto
    Documentary Producer & Researcher, CTV’s W-5
    News Writer & Reporter, Global Television
    Documentary Reporter, CBC’s The Journal & CBC’s Midday
    Radio & Television Reporter, CBC
    Radio & Television Reporter, CHSJ

    Books Published:

    Your Guide to Canadian Law, Co-Author, Fitzhenry Whiteside (2007)
    The Journalist’s Legal Guide, First, Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Editions, Carswell (2008)
    Marketing Masters (Articles), Wiley
    Solicitor-Client Relationships (Chapter), Ontario Bar Association

    Previously Published In:

    CA Magazine
    Canadian Business
    Canadian Lawyer
    Canadian Treasurer
    Labour Times
    Law Times
    Maclean’s Magazine
    Profit Magazine
    Reader’s Digest
    The Bottom Line
    The Financial Post
    The Globe and Mail
    The National
    The National Post
    TLOMA Newsletter


    Steven Benmor
    B.Sc., LL.B., LL.M. (Family), Cert.F.Med., Certified Specialist in Family Law

    Benmor Family Law Group

    Steve Benmor is one of the top divorce lawyers in Toronto. He is a recognized in the city as a divorce lawyer, family mediator, arbitrator, speaker, writer and educator. Mr. Benmor has worked as lead counsel in many divorce trials, held many leadership positions in the legal community and has been regularly interviewed on television, radio and in newspapers as an expert in Family Law. As 1 of Toronto’s 34 Certified Specialists in Family Law, as 1 of Canada’s 51 Fellows of the prestigious International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and as a Master of Laws in Family Law, Mr. Benmor’s curriculum vitae is a testament to his credentials, professional achievements, leadership posts, published papers, successful trial decisions, media interviews and many educational presentations to lawyers, mental health professionals and financial advisors.

    Steve Benmor is committed to children and families. He believes that separating spouses need guidance, expertise and compassion. Most importantly, Mr. Benmor knows how important it is to find solutions to the consequences of separation – respectfully, speedily and inexpensively. After decades of helping families through hundreds of court hearings, Mr. Benmor witnessed the emotional and financial distress that his clients suffered – even when they succeeded at trial. Mr. Benmor then began referring his clients to Family Mediation as the better solution for families. Recognizing the delicate skills needed to effectively mediate the consequences of divorce, Mr. Benmor then committed himself to becoming educated, then trained and finally certified as a Family Mediator himself. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario awarded Steve Benmor his designation as a “Certified Family Mediator”. Mr. Benmor is highly skilled in negotiation, conflict resolution, domestic violence and ethics in order to assist families through the many stages of separation and divorce.

    Mediating high net worth family matters or complex financial cases requires a sophisticated financial understanding and in depth knowledge of the law. Mr. Benmor has spent the last 20 years representing and settling cases for families with significant wealth and assets and, in doing so, has achieved positive and highly satisfactory results, with confidentiality and discretion.


    Robert Rotenberg B.A., LL.B, LL.M

    Rotenberg, Shidlowski, Jesin
    Barristers & Solicitors In Association

    When people ask Robert Rotenberg what type of criminal law he and his law firm practice, he likes to say: “We do everything from shoplifting to murder.” In his lengthy career as a one of Ontario’s top criminal lawyers, Robert and his firm have done every type of case.

    In the last ten years, Robert has turned much of his practice to domestic abuse charges. He defends those who have been charged, and also represents victims in need of assistance to help navigate them through the complex judicial system. Most of his cases are referrals from his vast network of family lawyers, counsellors and former satisfied clients.

    Robert is deeply involved with each of his clients and prides himself by giving one-on-one, 24-hour, emergency service. He assists his clients in every possible way, and has a whole array of specialists at hand (counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, drug rehabilitation specialists, emergency counsellors, grief counsellors, etc.) who have worked with him for years and will to jump in at a moment’s notice when needed.

    Robert makes every effort to avoid trials unless absolutely necessary. In the vast majority of his cases, he gets the charges withdrawn. When children are involved he always puts their interests first. Often he gets families out of crisis and when appropriate, knits the family unit back together.

    Robert’s firm, Rotenberg, Shidlowski, Jesin, features three other excellent lawyers so there is always a lawyer at hand to assist. The firm offers its services at various price points but does not take legal aid clients. All of the lawyers share the same philosophy of practicing criminal law at the highest level.

    Robert has always had a natural feel for criminal law. At Osgoode Hall Law School he was the head of the student criminal legal clinic. As a well-known bestselling author, he uses his excellent writing and public speaking skills to advocate effectively for his clients. He and his firm welcome any inquiries – from shoplifting to homicide – with the promise of excellent, caring, confidential and professional service.

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