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Legal Line Events

Universities, Colleges, High Schools and other Educational Programs Support Legal Line


Educators and students alike across Canada are promoting and using Legal Line in their classrooms, resource and information centres, student unions, student legal clinics and libraries, and at various events. Numerous Adult Education instructors also proudly distribute Legal Line materials to their students.

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Courthouses Across Canada Distribute Legal Line Materials


Legal Line is distributed in Courthouses across Canada, including Family, Criminal and Small Claims Courts, Victim/Witness Assistance Program court offices, and through Native Family Courtworker programs. Materials are also distributed through Salvation Army Court Chaplains.

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4 Pillars is Thrilled to Announce New Partnership with Legal Line


4 Pillars Debt Relief Specialists and Legal Line have joined up to form an exciting new partnership.

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Unions Big and Small Support Legal Line


Local and federal Unions representing all types of industry across Canada support Legal Line and distribute materials to their thousands of members.

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Libraries Across Canada Distribute Legal Line Flyers


Libraries across Canada, including public libraries, law libraries, and high school, college and university libraries have embraced Legal Line and are proud to offer it as a valuable public legal resource to their patrons.

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Legal Line is Endorsed and Promoted at All Levels of Government


Local, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government agencies, departments and ministries all support Legal Line.

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Hospitals and Health Services Support Legal Line


Hospitals, addiction and counselling centres, social services, mental health services and other health services all consider Legal Line to be an invaluable patient resource.

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Police Services Across Canada Distribute Legal Line Flyers


Police Services across Canada, including victim services, police, and community stations support Legal Line and distribute our materials to members of the community.

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RCMP Supports Legal Line


RCMP offices across Canada distribute Legal Line flyers with confidence.

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Department of Justice Offices Across Canada Distribute Legal Line Flyers

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 5.16.05 PM

The Government of Canada Department of Justice now links to Legal Line…

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Law Society Award Night Arrives….


It was an incredible night at the Law Society for Award recipient Antree Demakos…

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2018 Law Society Awards Presents…

Legal Line Founder and COO Antree Demakos will be one of the Law Society of Ontario “Extraordinary Legal Professionals to be Honoured at Annual Awards Ceremony”.

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Legal Line has answered more than 40 million questions

small 40 million

What a milestone. Legal Line surpasses the 40 million views threshold.

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Mayor of Toronto John Tory sends his congratulations…


Toronto Mayor John Tory and City Councillor Joe Mihevc joined forces to congratulate Legal Line's Antree Demakos on winning the Law Society of Ontario's J. Shirley Denison Award.

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Legal Line ~ Invited Guests on CTV’s ‘The Social’


Legal Line invited as special guests to ‘The Social‘ CTV Show because we sponsor Chef Jagger Gordan’s ‘’ program.

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City of Toronto ~ Mayor John Tory awards Legal Line


Legal Line + Axess Law… Invited to Participate at Humber College


On March 23, 2018 Ian Levine represented Legal Line at the Humber College Business School Paralegal Networking Event.

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Legal Line Supports Justice Tulloch’s “Street Checks Review”

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 1.01.19 PM

Legal Line Wins…

The Law Society’s Highest ‘Access to Justice’ Award

On February 28, Treasurer Paul Schabas of The Law Society of Ontario announced that Antree Demakos had won the 2018 John Shirley Denison Award for her role as Founder and Chief Information Officer for Legal Line, which is responsible for helping 3 million Canadians a year with Free Legal Help. * (more pictures) Antree has earned the trusted support of Law Society Treasurers since 1993; and, as a valuable part of their Access to Justice initiative, The Law Society website has linked community members to Legal Line since 2008. In addition to answering 31,000 enquiries every day, we also refer…

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Drive safe…


Law Society Treasurer Paul B. Schabas


Legal Line was invited to join the Law Society of Ontario's (LSO) Hispanic Heritage Month Program and Legal Line flyers were distributed in Spanish at the event.


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23 Law Schools across Canada distribute Legal Line flyers


Legal Line's Antree Demakos and Ian Levine, with Alison Symington, PBSC Acting National Director.

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Zenith Award Winner 2017 – TOP 50 Lawyers in Canada


Congratulations to our Founder and Chief Information Officer, Antree Demakos for winning this prestigious award two years in a row.

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Google Loves Legal Line


When you’re up the creek


The Legal Line truck delivers thousands of guides and flyers every week.

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Keep Your Head Above Water


Decoding Canadian Law

Decoding law

Sometimes legal stuff can get very overwhelming.

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Don’t Blame the Darkness…

Don't blame darkness

  Sometimes, all we need is straight answers, and the right person to represent our interests. Our new trade show banner is interesting but hmmm, not sure. Please tell what you think.

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The Law Courts

the law courts

… distribute Legal Line flyers with confidence.

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Lady Justice

lady justice alone

Law Society of Ontario loves Legal Line

LSUC plaque

… and links to Legal Line with confidence.         OUR HISTORY WITH THE LAW SOCIETY     “The Law Society has been aware of the Legal Line project since 1991, and has assisted in its development of both the telephone and website systems. Having been involved with ‘Dial-a-law’, I am pleased to see the development of new technology in action.” Gemma Zecchini Director of Change Integration The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) “As a former practicing lawyer and retired Executive Director of The Manitoba Law Foundation, I have watched the development of public legal information systems across…

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Legal Line Now Fits In Your Pocket


  Thank goodness for state-of-the-art technology in the palm of our hands. Now we can (almost effortlessly help 21,000 enquiries every day, 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.

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Legal Line materials available at The Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court

Legal Line flyers have been displayed and available at The Supreme Court of Canada since the year 1999, and soon thereafter, we received a very supportive and congratulatory letter requesting an additional 1,000 Legal Line guides. In 2017, the prestigious LEXPERT award for ‘Celebrating Women in Law’ was presented to Ms Antree Demakos, Chief Information Officer for Legal Line, and the Keynote Speaker was The Honourable Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella (bottom right corner).     In 2016, Legal Line is invited to The Supreme Court of Canada talk on Access to Justice at The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC)…

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Legal Line Founder wins the 2017 Province of Ontario ‘Access, Equity and Human Rights Award’


By a unanimous vote from Mayor John Tory’s entire office, the 2017 Constance E. Hamilton Equity Award was presented to Legal Line’s founder, Antree C. Demakos. The Access, Equity and Human Rights Award is the City’s highest honour recognizing people or programs that have made a difference by reducing discrimination and barriers to equality. These are community-driven awards, and the nominations come from Toronto residents and a panel of community individuals with expertise and knowledge of issues pertinent to the award. Councillor Lucy Troisi, Councillor Joe Mihevc, Legal Line Founder Antree C. Demakos, Mayor John Tory, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam As the Winner of the Constance…

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Legal Line speaks at Paralegal Job Fair


On March 2, 2017 the Humber College faculty of Paralegal studies held its annual Career Day.

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The Supreme Court of Canada / Flip Your Wig For Justice


On February 25, 2017 the Law Society of Upper Canada hosted the Flip Your Wig for Justice awareness campaign and fundraising event.

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International Education Coalition

pic with phillipines education

During an international education coalition held in China, Luisa Valencia, Director from the Philippine Commission of Higher Education and Legal Line's Antree Demakos discuss how Legal Line could assist foreign nationals seeking to study and do business in Canada.

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Black History Month


25 Million in 2015


Bringing in the new year with a landmark milestone.

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The Law Society and Legal Line share new ideas


Legal Line's Antree Demakos, and The Law Society of Upper Canada's Treasurer, Janet Minor team-up to discuss new Access to Justice initiatives for 2016.

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Legal Line is a hit at OCJA Annual Conference


Legal Line’s Ian Levine was an invited speaker at the Ontario Community Justice Association conference, November 2015.

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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters logo

Legal Line is excited to announce that it has partnered with Thomson Reuters to help promote Access to Justice.

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Ministry of the Attorney General Links to Legal Line

Ministry of the Attorney General

The Ministry of the Attorney General has been an avid supporter of Legal Line for over 20 years.

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Law at the Library

As a Steering Committee member, Legal Line’s Ian Levine focuses on the promotion of Access to Justice and Public Legal Education. Legal Line Guides and Flyers are readily available for Free at every law seminar and in 365 public library systems and 2,100 branches across Canada. The Toronto Public Library system (including 99 branches) reports that legal resources and seminars are the most popular and well received program it has ever offered, and as such, Legal Line flyers are now available at thousands of libraries across Canada.   Toronto Public Library Mission: “Toronto Public Library provides free and equitable access…

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The Supreme Court of Canada distributes Legal Line materials

Supreme Court of Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada has been distributing our free Legal Line materials for 16 years.

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