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How can a criminal record affect employment and job promotions?

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Even a person employed by the same employer for several years is not protected against future criminal record search requests. Many organizations that have implemented police records checks for new employees are now requiring existing employees to undergo the search (e.g., when applying for a job promotion, or because of new policies or laws, etc.). Not only can discovery of a criminal record hinder the opportunity for career advancement, it could even lead to the employee being fired.  Someone who may have initially passed a criminal record check when first hired, may have subsequently been charged with a crime (e.g., impaired driving), which is later discovered during a routine security screening.

Further, if an employee in a career that requires licensing acquired a criminal record since the licence was granted, and is now required to renew the licence, the criminal record will likely be discovered. This will probably lead to the employee being fired since he or she will not be legally permitted to do the job without a licence.  If you wish to apply for a job, or a job promotion, it is best to have your criminal record removed first.

For more information, refer to How criminal records affect employment.

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