ILCO Associate Program

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The Associate Program offered by The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (ILCO) exists to:

  • enhance the education and skills of law clerks already in the profession,
  • expand the knowledge of experienced legal assistants, and
  • provide the basic academic foundation needed for people with legal experience planning a career as a Law Clerk

The Program consists of four (4) courses covering the following areas of law:

1.  Litigation

  • runs for 25 weeks
  • focuses on the duties and responsibilities involved in civil litigation, such as legal research, appeals, and the enforcement of orders

2.  Corporate

  • runs for 13 weeks
  • focuses on the corporate and administrative procedures to create and run a corporation

3.  Real Estate

  • runs for 19 weeks
  • focuses on the concepts and applications of the legal practice of residential real estate

4.  Estates

  • runs for 16 weeks
  • focuses on wills, powers of attorney and administration of estates

Program delivery

  • Courses are offered once per year from ILCO
  • Each exam is worth 100% of the course grade
  • Courses are currently offered online via Webinar through OntarioLearn.com OR
  • Self Study (where there is no access to an instructor) – students must purchase the Course Syullabus on which each exam is based
  • Attendance is mandatory

Students register for the Associate Program courses through their preferred community college, and register directly with ILCO to write the final examinations.

Admission requirements

Although not mandatory, the following is recommended:

  • minimum of Grade 12, and
  • two years of legal experience

Provincial Examinations

Students who pass each course (a minimum of 60 percent), must then complete ILCO’s Provincial Examinations in all four areas to receive the Associate Program Certificate.


Fees for each course are $425 + HST.

More info

More information on the ILCO Associate Program is available on their website at ilco.on.ca. For more information on law clerk programs, view other Answers in Paralegals and Law Clerks.


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