Alternative work schedules and remote access

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During the pandemic, it is important to consider alternative ways that your business can function. Because of the many government restrictions, it is necessary for business which are able, to adopt alternative work environments and product or service delivery. Some things to consider include:

  • For office workers, use online resources to conduct meetings and communicate with clients,
  • Implement new systems, which will allow remote access to databases and telecommunications,
  • If allowed to enter your workplace, reduce the number of workers at any given time, but consider expanding the workday so that employees can work on a shift basis. This will reduce the number of workers at one time, while allowing more workers to work throughout the day, thereby preserving jobs, as well as increasing production,
  • If you do not already provide a delivery service, consider doing so.
  • Consider if some of your work can be conducted outside (weather permitting) providing fresh air and  a greater distance between employees,
  • Think about pairing up workers, so that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is reduced while at the same time allowing for a more productive and congenial work experience.

For more details about COVID-19 and employment issues, and for up-to-date changes, refer to your provincial ministry of labour.

For up-to-date information on Coronavirus COVID-19, visit Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and our related links and resources.


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