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Is it legal to sell cannabis concentrates (extracts)?

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Cannabis extracts, also known as concentrates, refer to concentrated THC and CBD liquid extracts from the cannabis flower (such as hash oil). Extracts can be ingested or inhaled.

The sale and purchase of cannabis extract products is legal in Canada. They must be purchased from the provincial government online or retail site, or through a licensed private retailer.  Licensed producers must first submit their products to Health Canada before they can be available for legal sale to the public. Once submitted, the products are subject to a 60-90 day approval and procurement process.

Federal regulations

Health Canada has released regulations regarding the content, packaging, labelling and promotion of cannabis extracts.

Ingested cannabis extract THC content:

  • limit of 10 milligrams per unit (e.g. a capsule) or dispensed amount
  • a limit of 1000 mg per package

Inhaled cannabis extract THC content:

  • a limit of 1000 mg of THC per package

All cannabis extract content cannot contain:

  • any added vitamins or minerals
  • any nicotine (and added alcohol in inhaled products)
  • caffeine
  • added sugars, sweeteners or colours

All cannabis extract packaging must:

  • be child-resistant and plain to lower the risk of accidental consumption and make packages less appealing to young persons
  • have a maximum package size of 90 mL for liquid extracts if under 3% THC
  • have a maximum package size of 7.5 g for extracts if over 3% THC
  • include dispensing device if a liquid and not in unit form

All cannabis extract labels must state:

  • a list of ingredients and allergens
  • the intended use
  • the standardized cannabis symbol for products containing THC (must be directly on accessories such as vaping pens)
  • a health warning message
  • the THC/CBD content
  • the equivalency to dried cannabis to determine public possession limit

As well, cannabis extract products cannot:

  • be appealing to youth or children
  • contain elements that would associate the product with alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or vaping products
  • make any health or cosmetic claims

Provincial regulations

Although cannabis extract products may be legal federally, provincial and territorial governments regulate the rules regarding the sale and pubic consumption of cannabis extracts. For more information, view other topics in Cannabis Law or view our Links and Resources.

For information on where cannabis extracts may be legally purchased in Ontario, view topic 2402 Private retailers and government sales.

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