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Can you get your firearms licence back after it has been revoked?

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It is possible to restore a firearms licence after it has been revoked, however, the process varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific circumstances of the revocation.

In some cases, individuals may be able to appeal the revocation decision through an administrative or judicial process. This typically involves presenting evidence and arguments that demonstrate why the revocation was unwarranted or why the individual is no longer a risk to public safety. It may also involve obtaining a favourable evaluation from a mental health professional or completing rehabilitation programs to address any underlying issues that contributed to the revocation.

It is illegal to possess and use a firearm without a licence. If you have been charged with a firearms or weapons related crime, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

Eligibility criteria and waiting periods after revocation

To be eligible for restoration of firearm privileges in Canada, individuals must meet certain criteria. The eligibility criteria and reapplication process are outlined in the Firearms Act and its regulations. For privileges to be restored, individuals must not have been convicted of a designated offence within the past five years, and they must not have been subject to a prohibition order or restraining order related to domestic violence within the past two years.

If an individual meets the eligibility criteria, they can apply to have their privileges restored. The reapplication process involves submitting an application to the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO) for their province or territory.

Waiting period after revocation 

The length of the waiting period varies depending on the specific circumstances. For example, individuals who have had their privileges revoked due to a criminal conviction must wait five years before they can reapply. On the other hand, individuals who have had their privileges revoked due to mental health concerns must wait one year before they can reapply.

Licence revocation is a serious consequence for individuals who pose a risk to public safety or have disregarded the law. The administrative review board plays a crucial role in carefully assessing the evidence and making fair decisions. Although firearm privileges can be restored in certain circumstances, strict eligibility criteria and waiting periods are in place to ensure responsible ownership and to protect the public. If your licence has been revoked you should consult a lawyer for advice and assistance.

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