Can you prepare your own Will?

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Your Will is a formal document that has to follow certain rules to be legal. Even though you may think that you can easily prepare your own Will, it will often be missing certain technical legal requirements. Without all the legal requirements, you will not have a legal Will, and without a legal Will, it could become expensive and time-consuming for your family to sort out your personal affairs when you die. For more information about Wills, visit the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General website.

Getting the legal help you need

Wills are extremely important documents and relatively inexpensive to have prepared professionally. Although it is possible to prepare your own Will without the assistance of a lawyer, it is important to seek at least some legal advice to ensure your Will is complete and legally binding. There are also certain groups of people who should always seek legal advice when making a Will. Legal advice is critical if you are about to be married or separated, if you have a large estate, if you have assets in other countries, if you have a mental disease, or if you are very elderly.

If you want to make sure your Will is legal and clearly expresses your wishes, you should consult a lawyer.



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