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Does someone need a Waiver if only 'stopping over' in the USA?

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Any time people enter the USA – even where a person does not leave the airplane on a ‘stop over’ en route to another country – they are required to clear American Customs. Therefore, even on a stopover flight, to legally enter the USA with a Canadian criminal record, a USA Entry Waiver is required. Since there is a good chance the criminal record will be revealed, without a Waiver the individual can be denied entry, the airplane ticket can be voided, and the individual can be sent back to Canada. Consequently, it is a good idea for people with criminal records either to fly directly to their final destination and bypass the USA entirely, or to obtain a Waiver.

To erase your Canadian criminal record, or to obtain a USA Entry Waiver, call toll-free 1- 866-362-7143 or learn more at All Cleared. It’s easier than you think.

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