Health and Safety measures for building managers

Region: Ontario Answer # 7300

During this time of potential risk due to Coronavirus COVID-19, building managers should consider implementing health and safety measures, such as the following:

  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and communal ‘touch points’ such as elevator buttons, railings, door handles, sports equipment
  • Prohibiting building employees, such as cleaning staff, security and maintenance workers from coming to work if they feel unwell
  • Delaying unnecessary service calls or construction that requires entry into individual units
  • Displaying and/or distributing public health recommendations and as set out by Health Canada and provincial health department
  • Notify building staff not to enter a resident’s unit if the resident is not feeling well or is in quarantine
  • Removing magazines and other communal items from the lobby
  • Supply sanitizing wipes in fitness facility and post notice to clean equipment before and after use

Failure to take reasonable steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus may lead to legal liability.

For up-to-date information on Coronavirus COVID-19, visit Health Canada, the World Health Organization, and our related links and resources.


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