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How criminal records affect people who are self-employed

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People who are self-employed are not immune to criminal record search requirements. Many companies and government departments which sub-contract to self-employed individuals or to small businesses require police records check to be conducted on the owners and employees of the business. This is especially true in situations where the sub-contractor will have access to confidential information (e.g., financial or health information) or will be working with vulnerable people–children, the elderly, or the disabled.  For more information, refer to Pre-employment screening (background checks).

Additionally, many companies require the sub-contractor to have appropriate insurance before they will award them the contract. Self-employed individuals must therefore consider the insurance requirements for their business. Depending on the type of insurance sought, insurers often require the owner and employees of the business to have clear criminal records checks.

If you wish to apply for a job, become licensed in a particular industry, or require insurance, it is best to have your criminal record removed before you submit your application.

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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, refer to our criminal law section.


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