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How does a youth record affect employment?

Region: Ontario Answer # 2141

How a youth record affects employment depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • if the job requires a police records search,
  • if the non-disclosure date for the youth criminal record has been reached,
  • the nature of the job,
  • who the employer is,
  • whether there is an outstanding prohibition on CPIC, and so on.

It is now quite common for employers to ask potential employees to verify that they do not have a criminal record through mandatory police records checks. In such cases, if the non-disclosure date has not been reached, the police may release this information to the employer. In other cases, someone working with the young person (such as a social worker) may disclose the information. Furthermore, the employer may be a government department or agency which already has access to this information.

Once the non-disclosure date has been reached, however, the youth criminal record should be sealed or destroyed by all those who have a record of it. It is in the best interests of the young person to verify that the records are in fact sealed or destroyed and to find out what will be shown on a local police records check and in a search of the RCMP Investigative and Identification data banks.

For more information, refer to How criminal records affect employment.

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