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How long does a bankruptcy remain on my credit report?

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Equifax and TransUnion credit reports

Both Equifax and TransUnion maintain a bankruptcy record on your credit report for a period from the date of your discharge or last payment.

For first-time bankrupts, TransUnion maintains the information for the maximum length of time permitted by provincial law (6 or 7 years), while Equifax retains the information for 6 years for every province.

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  • first bankruptcy for six years from the date of your discharge
  • second bankruptcy for 14 years


In New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, PEI and Quebec:

  • first bankruptcy for seven years from the date of your discharge
  • second bankruptcy for 14 years

In Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, The Northwest Territories and Yukon:

  • A first bankruptcy for six years from the date of your discharge
  • A second bankruptcy for 14 years

Credit bureaus

Equifax and TransUnion are the two major credit reporting services in Canada. They collect your credit and debt information from banks, lenders, credit card companies, leasing firms, courts, and others to create your credit report and provide copies of it to potential lenders. These reports are used by lenders, such as banks and mortgage companies, in deciding whether to approve a loan based on how much risk they would be taking that the loan will not be repaid.

Credit bureaus do not report on your annual personal income, family income or how much you have in the bank — only your debt, available credit, and the public record, such as bankruptcies, and court judgments.

What is a credit report?

Your credit report is created the first time you apply for credit or borrow money. It will contain information such as details about your credit cards and loans, including when you opened your accounts, how much you owe, when you make or miss payments, and if you go over your credit limit. A credit report also contains personal information such as if you have ever filed for bankruptcy.

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