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How long does it take for the Parole Board to process an application?

Region: Ontario Answer # 2183

The total time an application is at the Parole Board can fluctuate and has been known to be as short as  one month to as long as twenty-four months. The processing time varies in each particular case and may depend on the type of offences contained in the criminal record. For example, the less serious summary conviction offences committed many years ago may not require as extensive an investigation and could be processed faster than a more serious indictable offence. Also, other factors can affect the processing times, such as delays in receiving court responses, and investigations into behaviour reported to the PBC from local police or the RCMP.

Worth mentioning is that the six to fifteen months it takes to prepare an application for submission is not part of the PBC’s functions, and is, therefore, not included in the PBC processing time.

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