How much does mediation cost?

Region: Ontario Answer # 0528

Generally, the parties split the cost of the mediation 50-50. That means that both parties are splitting the cost of one professional. That is considerably less expensive than each party paying for his or her own lawyer. As well, the mediation process is generally outside the realm of the courtroom. Going to court is very expensive and usually involves:

    • Many meetings with your lawyer,
    • Getting your story and position down in affidavit form,
    • Reviewing and putting together disclosure materials that would include many financial documents, letters and correspondence from each party and from third parties, notes, and assessments,
    • Drafting the originating process, such as the petition for divorce, application or statement of claim,
    • Research for the relevant legal issues,
    • Drafting, serving and filing information statements for the judge in addition to the pleadings,
    • All attendance time at court, including waiting time, which could be hours, and
    • All court filing fees, where applicable.



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