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In what forms can cannabis exist?

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Cannabis can exist in many forms, and the potency of THC and CBD in each will differ depending on what it is and how it is produced.

The most common include:

  • Marijuana: the dried flowers, leaves and stems from the cannabis plant made into herbal material, often smoked or vaped.
  • Hashish (or hash): made from the resin of the cannabis plant, and dried into blocks of hashish, or pressed into balls or cakes. Hash can be consumed orally through edibles, vaped, or smoked (warmed, crumbled, and rolled together with tobacco).
  • Hash oil: a thick oil obtained from hashish, usually the strongest form of cannabis. It is most often smoked, although can be consumed other ways.
  • Cannabis oil: cannabis extract dissolved in oil. Can be used to make other forms, such as edible cannabis products.
  • Edibles: foods and drinks containing extracts of cannabis.

Other less common forms of cannabis are:

  • Tinctures/sprays: Cannabis extract dissolved in a solvent, often alcohol, and sometimes used to make other products
  • Creams/salves/lotions: Cannabis extract preparation prepared with alcohol, oil or wax and applied to the skin

For more information, refer to other sections of Cannabis Law.

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