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Is it legal to sell cannabis products at private parties or ticketed events?

Region: Ontario Answer # 2425

No. It is illegal to sell cannabis and cannabis products other than directly from the provincial government or through a licensed private retailer. However, sharing cannabis at private parties with friends who have attained the provincial legal age to possess and consume cannabis is legal. In Ontario, the legal age is 19.

Smoking or vaping cannabis at a ticketed event is almost always illegal. Most provincial laws prohibit the use of cannabis wherever tobacco is restricted and in vehicles. For more information about provincial rules, refer to topic # 2364 Is it legal to smoke or vape cannabis in public?

Under the Federal Cannabis Act, selling cannabis illegally is a criminal offence carrying a maximum punishment of up-to 14 years imprisonment. Additional penalties exist for the illegal sale of cannabis to minors.

For more detailed information and resources, refer to topic # 2331 Criminal offences and penalties under the Cannabis Act.

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