Job offer letter

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What is job offer letter?

A job offer letter is simply a written offer of employment. If accepted by the prospective employee, then an employment agreement is created.

What information is included in a job offer letter?

A job offer letter will include a variety of information, such as:

  • the name and title of the employee,
  • starting salary (or hourly wage),
  • work hours and place of work,
  • vacation and benefits provided, and
  • the date when the employment will begin.

It is a good idea to include an acceptance form so that the employee can easily accept the offer. If there is a written employment agreement, then it should be provided along with the job offer letter. A date when the employer expects to hear back should also be set-out in the letter. Enough time should be given for the employee to review the agreement, get a legal opinion, and ask questions before signing it.

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