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Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Region: Ontario Answer # 950

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) provides assistance to members of the legal profession, including lawyers, law students, paralegals, judges, and their families. MAP provides assistance with issues such as addictions, stress or burnout, work and family pressures, and mental or physical health. It also provides health, lifestyle and career coaching. It is a completely confidential service funded by the Law Society of Ontario.

Services are available in person, by telephone, or online.


Services provided by telephone or in person

Assistance is provided in person and by telephone in a number of ways, including:

  • one-on-one peer support,
  • assessment, addiction counselling and lifestyle coaching,
  • referrals to services,
  • links with related services,
  • education, or
  • information.

How does MAP work?

MAP provides a 24 hr helpline staffed by volunteer counsellors. When an individual calls in, the intake counsellor will assess what they are calling for and refer them to the appropriate counsellor. Callers to MAP must provide their name and contact information, however, this information is kept completely confidential. No information is disclosed to the Law Society, or given to anyone without the caller’s permission and signed consent.

Individuals can also visit a local MAP office for one-on-one, in-person counselling.


Online member services

Online member services provided include:

  • e-Counselling (through confidential email type exchanges);
  • Chat e-Counselling (real time, one-on-one communication with a counsellor in a private online chat environment);
  • Health and Wellness Companion (a self-development program designed to help with health and wellness goals);
  • Health Library;
  • Childcare/Eldercare Resource Locators; and
  • Interactive e-Learning Courses.


The Peer Support Program

MAP volunteer counsellors are lawyers and paralegals who have faced their own difficulties and have found a way to solve their problems.

If you are a lawyer or paralegal who has experienced addiction, mental health, or other serious issues and wish to help other colleagues who may be facing similar struggles, you can do so by volunteering for the Member Assistance Program’s confidential Peer Support Program. The Program offers peer-to-peer support to lawyers and paralegals. Volunteers do not need to have any experience as on-going training is provided by Homewood Human Solutions, the organizational health and employee wellness provider who operates MAP.

For more information, if you require Member Assistance Program services, to make an appointment to visit one of their offices, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the Peer Support Program, call the MAP 24 hour telephone line at 1-855-403-8922 or access the Member Assistance Program online.




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