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Pre-paid legal services plans

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In Canada, there are two main types of legal plans that can be purchased by either individuals or businesses:

  • Pre-paid legal services plans, which provide a pre-determined list of legal services, and
  • Legal Expense Insurance (LEI), which covers your lawyer’s fees in times of dispute. Also, most LEI policies also include unlimited legal advice by telephone.

Pre-paid legal services plans

Pre-paid legal services plans are not an insurance product. Like health care plans, legal services plans provide you with specified legal assistance and advice for a set monthly fee. Through the services of a provider law firm, plan members can access help with the most common legal issues.

Legal services plans are most often created:

  • for individuals and families,
  • as part of employee benefit plans,
  • for small businesses, and
  • for help in cases of identity theft.

There are different plans available depending on the needs of the individual or business. Costs for personal plans are in the range of $25 per month. Personal plans generally include the following types of services:

  • advice on unlimited legal issues,
  • letters and telephone calls to third parties,
  • legal document review,
  • standard Will preparation,
  • residential lease agreement review, and
  • Small Claims Court advice.

Small business legal services plans are in the range of $50-$100 (depending on the number of employees), and focus on the common legal requirements of most small businesses, such as:

  • general legal consultation,
  • designated consultation,
  • contract and document review,
  • debt collection assistance, and
  • legal correspondence.

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