Legal Line 'Live' Telephone Transfer to Lawyers (LLTT)

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How do I get live help using this website?

Our website users do not need to use our telephone service to get ‘live’ help.

Our 2,100 topics allow you to zero-in on the information you need, and then connect to lawyers or agencies which are experts in your EXACT issue. Simply go to the topic you are interested in and click on the lawyer or agency hotlinks within the topic.

Further assistance may be found on our Links section of this website.


What is the Legal Line Telephone Transfer Service (LLTT)?

In addition to this website, Legal Line provides the same 2,100 legal topics on its free pre-recorded legal information telephone service. This service is for people who would prefer to ‘listen’ rather than ‘read’ our information.

To use the telephone service, simply refer to our Legal Line Guide listing all 2,100 topic numbers (or copy the numbers that interest you off this website), and just call our toll-free number 1.877.929.0054, or Toronto local 416.929.0054.

Our Guides unfold like a map. One side of the Guide lists all topics and extension numbers, while the other side features government and professional resources.

Our telephone service allows the caller to access an unlimited number of topics during the same call.


How do I get live help using the LLTT?

Zero-in on the information you need.

Within each topic, you have the option of pressing “0” to speak live with a lawyer or agency who has been chosen to answer your exact enquiry. Each topic is uniquely programmed.

We will auto-transfer your call to ‘live’ support during the same telephone call.


Lawyers can join our experts

Over 710 lawyers and judges work hard to keep this information current and help you resolve your legal issues. Lawyers interested in becoming part of our team or receiving our free materials, may join our experts.



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