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Minimum wage and "room & board"

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The Employment Standards Act sets a minimum wage, which is the lowest amount that an employer can legally pay an employee per hour. Current minimum wages in Ontario are tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The current minimum wage amounts will remain the same until September 30, 2020.

Beginning October 1, 2020 any future minimum wage increases will be tied to the inflation rate and will be published by the Ontario Government on or before April 1st every year.


Minimum wage requirements

Minimum wage rates in Ontario are as follows:

General Minimum Wage $14.25 / hr
Student Minimum Wage $13.40 / hr
Liquor Servers Minimum Wage $12.45 / hr
Homeworkers Minimum Wage $15.70 / hr

The student minimum wage rate applies to students under 18 who work 28 hours a week or less when school is in session or work during a school break or summer holidays. Homeworkers are employees who are paid to work in their own homes, such as answer calls for a call centre.


Rules about paying an employee through room and board

Sometimes, an employee is paid partly with money and partly by room and board. In this situation, the employer usually provides meals and a place to sleep, and then charges the employee the cost of room and board, which is automatically deducted from the employee’s pay. There is a maximum amount that most employers can charge for room and board.

If the employer charges for a room, the maximum charge that can be deducted from the employee’s pay is $31.70 per week for a private room, and $15.85 per week for a shared room. For meals, the employer can only charge $2.55 for each meal, and not more than $53.55 per week. When both room and board are provided, the employer cannot charge more than $85.25 per week for a private room, and $69.40 per week if the room is shared.  If you are unsure how much you should be paid or how much you should pay for room and board, you can contact the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

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