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Organizing your papers for Small Claims Court

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If you are about to enter into a lawsuit in Small Claims Court, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, if you are well organized it will be easier for the judge to understand your side of the case. You can do this by putting your papers in the proper order.

To organize your papers, you may want to file them in three sections. You can use a three ring binder, or a divided file folder. In one section you should put copies of letters you have written or received about the lawsuit. In the second section you should put the Plaintiff’s Claim, the Defence, or any Defendants’ Claims. The last section should contain all the evidence you plan to use at the trial. Evidence is anything that you will show to the judge to prove your side of the case, such as a contract or receipts. If available, always have the original document ready to show to the judge.

At the trial you may need to refer to something in your file. Organizing your papers ahead of time helps you make a good impression, and will avoid wasting the judge’s time.

For more information about Small Claims Court in Ontario, visit the Small Claims Court website.

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