Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA)

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The Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA) is the largest professional association of licensed paralegals in Ontario. Its members strive to improve access to justice while providing representation for Ontario residents needing legal help from a paralegal. Members include sole proprietors to large-firm paralegals who continuously keep updated and educated on issues facing Ontarians to better serve their communities. This includes attending monthly continuing professional development conferences.

The OPA ensures that its paralegals serve both the legal profession and the people of Ontario in pursuit of excellence in the delivery of legal services by:

  • advocating for the public, and
  • working to the highest professional standards.

OPA Mandate

The mandate of the OPA is to:

  • listen to the concerns of its members and to represent their interests throughout the Province of Ontario, and
  • bring forth these concerns and make representations and act as liaison to other professional associations, the Law Society of Ontario, all levels of government and such other bodies as may be appropriate to ensure that the interests and concerns of practicing paralegals throughout the Province are effectively heard.


The OPA advocates on behalf of its members in a number of ways, this includes:

  • Intervening in pressing cases that affect how paralegals work and gain revenue;
  • Fighting for the rights of Ontarians to receive better access to justice;
  • Getting its members the best offers and discounts from professional organizations;
  • Posting jobs from major and boutique businesses and firms for its members;
  • Connecting students with industry leaders to help foster organic business relationships;
  • Offering live and archived video recorded CPD education seminars;
  • Providing forums geared toward specific practice areas;
  • Proferring referrals from the public;
  • Raising public awareness about the roles and services of Ontario Paralegals.

Board of Directors

The OPA is currently run by a nine member Board of Directors. Association members and directors are governed by its by-laws and various operating policies.

To find out more, or to become a member, visit the OPA website.

Ontario Paralegal Association OPAOntario Paralegal Association OPA


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