Pre-paid legal services

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Prepaid legal services are legal services plans. They are not legal insurance.

The largest prepaid legal services provider in Canada is LegalShield. The company currently provides legal services to over 2 million families across the U.S. and Canada. After a merger in 2011, it changed its operating name to LegalShield.

Plan benefits are delivered through a network of independent provider law firms. Members are served by a provider law firm which has been carefully screened and selected by Pre-Paid Legal. Using the plan, members simply call their provider firm directly at the toll-free number on their membership card when they have a legal question or problem.

In Canada, there are a number of member plans available, including the Personal LegalShield Plan for $23/month for individuals and $26/month for families. Each of these personal plans offer benefits on both personal and business legal matters. Benefits include phone consultations with a lawyer, phone calls and letters on your behalf, Will preparation, legal document review by a lawyer, and more.

Other plans offered include Business Plans for small businesses. Benefits and rates for the various Business Plans vary depending on the size of the business. Generally, however, small business plans focus on the common legal requirements of most small businesses, such as:

  • legal consultation,
  • contract and document review,
  • debt collection assistance, and
  • legal correspondence.

Identity Theft protection

The Identity Theft Plan, offered through IDShield, a division of LegalShield, helps protect against identity theft. Pricing varies depending on whether an individual or family plan is purchased. Benefits include:

  • consultation and advice with a licensed private investigator,
  • theft and data breach alerts,
  • security monitoring of credit records,
  • privacy monitoring, and
  • full-service identity restoration.



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