Ministry of the Solicitor General

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The Ministry of the Solicitor General (formerly known as Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services) is committed to ensuring that Ontario’s communities are supported and protected by law enforcement and public safety systems that are safe, effective, efficient and accountable.

The Ministry is responsible for:

  1. Correctional services,
  2. Public Safety and Security, and
  3. Policing services.

Correctional services

The Correctional Services division of the Ministry establishes, maintains, operates and monitors Ontario’s adult correctional institutions and probation and parole offices. It has jurisdiction over adult offenders under parole supervision, as granted by the Ontario Parole Board, and it provides programs and facilities designed to assist in offender rehabilitation.

Public Safety and Security

The Public Safety and Security division of the Ministry maintains the physical and economic security of Ontario, by coordinating public safety initiatives among municipal, fire and emergency services organizations within and outside Ontario.  It also delivers programs and fosters partnerships to minimize or eliminate hazards to persons or property through public education initiatives, emergency measures, scientific investigations, coordination of fire safety services and the coroner’s system.

Policing services

The Policing Services division oversees policing services throughout Ontario, including the O.P.P.  It is responsible for the effective training, professional standards and policies, systematic inspections and reviews, and advisory support of police services. The division operates Criminal Intelligence Services Ontario and licenses, regulates and investigates the activities of private investigation and security agencies in Ontario.

Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada is the federal government’s lead department for public safety. It builds and implements national policies for emergency management and national security, and helps ensure community safety by delivering crime prevention programs and developing federal policies for law enforcement and corrections. Public Safety Canada works to reduce the impact of a variety of emergency situations, such as natural disasters, industrial accidents, terrorism and computer viruses. It develops national policy, response systems and standards, and works closely with emergency management organizations across Canada.

The Ministry’s National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) is responsible for implementing the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS). It’s aim is to reduce crime and victimization by tackling crime before it happens, by working with partners in the provinces and territories to build programs that are specific and appropriate to regions and communities. As well, Public Safety Canada works in close collaboration with federal, provincial, territorial and international law enforcement and border security agencies to develop appropriate national policies for new and evolving crime and border issues. For more information visit the Public Safety Canada website.

For more information about Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General, visit their website.

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