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Queen’s University, Faculty of Law is located in Kingston, Ontario. The Queen’s University Faculty of Law offers a comprehensive curriculum including experiential learning opportunities, public service internships and study abroad opportunities through the International Law Programs at Herstmonceux Castle in England and international  exchanges.

Degree Programs

Degree programs available at Queen’s Law include:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) degree program (3 years)
  • Master of Arts (Economics)/JD (3 years)
  • Master of Public Administration/JD (3.5 years – early completion option of 3 years)
  • Master of Industrial Relations/JD (3.5 years – early completion option of 3-years)
  • JD/MBA degree program offered in partnership with Queen’s Smith School of Business (4 years – early completion option of 3.5 years)
  • Bachelor of Commerce/JD degree program offered in partnership with Queen’s Smith School of Business (6 years)
  • Common Law/Civil Law degree program in partnership with the University of Sherbrooke (1 year)
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)
  • Doctorate in Law (Ph.D.)


All applicants must have completed successfully a minimum of three years of full-time undergraduate studies in a degree program at a recognized post-secondary institution that provides an academic environment and education that prepares students for potential success in advanced study at Queen’s. Completion of a four-year honours degree is preferred.

A cumulative undergraduate average of less than a “B+” (77–79 percent, CGPA 3.30) and an LSAT score of less than 157 (70th percentile) are not competitive for admission in the General category, unless graduate degree work was completed successfully.

Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

There are usually around 2,500 applicants for first-year, while the first-year class size is 200 students. The total number of students for all three years is approximately 600.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition for the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University is approximately $19,000. Estimated additional expenses per year, including room and board, and books and supplies ranges from about $7,000 to $11,000. Performance and need-based scholarships and bursaries are available, as are minority bursaries and scholarships.

Activities and Services

Queen’s Law enjoys an outstanding reputation as a vibrant, collegial community. Our students contribute to faculty governance through membership on Faculty Board and its standing committees. Through the Law Students’ Society, law students organize and participate in Law School events, intramural sports, and charitable fundraising activities. The intellectual life of the law school is invigorated by a variety of lecture series and conferences to which all law students are invited.

The Career Development Office provides students with individual career counselling, a wide variety of seminars and workshops on a broad range of topics, comprehensive informational resources, and opportunities to meet employers.

The Office of Education and Equity Services has a long-standing commitment and record of success in providing advocacy, information, and support to law students. Initially conceived to assist law students facing barriers to legal education on systemic grounds, the program continues to serve students admitted through the Access Category of admission, but also strives to cultivate an environment that maximizes opportunities for all students in an effort to make legal education more inclusive and accessible.

Queen’s Law is a leader in providing excellent clinical programs and training in oral advocacy through mooting and advocacy courses. Aspiring academics will enjoy participating in the Queen’s Law Journal and the Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal to cultivate their skills in legal research, scholarly writing and editing. All law students will have an opportunity to earn credit or volunteer in an experiential learning program or register in skills-based courses.

For more information, visit Queen’s University, Faculty of Law.

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