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Registering a restricted or prohibited firearm

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To legally own and use a firearm in Canada you must obtain a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). To legally own a restricted or prohibited firearm, you must:

  • have a licence authorizing you to have that class of firearm, and
  • you must register the firearm with the RCMP

All restricted or prohibited firearms must be registered in Canada. The registration process helps law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety by keeping track of the legal ownership of firearms. The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) is responsible for administering the firearms registration system. When you register your firearm you will receive a registration certificate.

It is illegal to possess and use a firearm without a licence. If you have been charged with a firearms or weapons related crime, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

What is a registration certificate?

A registration certificate identifies a firearm and links the firearm to its owner. A valid registration certificate is required for each restricted or prohibited firearm you own.


Before a firearm can be registered, it may need to be verified first. Verification is done by a certified verifier to confirm the identification and class of a firearm.

A firearm must be verified by an approved verifier if any of the following applies:

  • it is being registered for the first time
  • it is being transferred to a new owner and it has not previously been verified
  • it has been modified so that its description has changed
  • the Registrar requests that it be verified to confirm the description or classification


To register your restricted and/or prohibited firearms you must provide the following information:

  • your firearms licence number and other personal identification information
  • the verifier’s name and identification number
  • the date the firearm was verified
  • the Firearms Reference Table number provided by the verifier

How do you register a firearm?

There are two ways you can register a restricted or prohibited firearm. There is no fee.

  1. Online on the Canadian Firearms Program website.
  2. By mailing a printed application form to the RCMP.

What is the Canadian Firearms Registry?

The RCMP runs the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) as per its responsibilities under the Firearms Act. The CFP maintains the Canadian Firearms Registry – the official gun registry of Canada.

Do firearms that do not work need to be registered?

Restricted or prohibited firearms that no longer work still need to be registered, except in the following circumstances:

  • the firearm meets the definition of an antique
  • the firearm is permanently deactivated and incapable of discharging projectiles

There are different rules for registration depending on when the firearm was acquired, and how. Once all criteria has been met, you must complete a registration application with the RCMP.

Refer to the Firearms Registration Certificates Regulations for more information on registering your restricted or prohibited firearm. View other Firearms answers for more information on firearms law, including licensing, owning, types of firearms, importing and exporting firearms, and firearm offences.

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