Requirements to continue receiving EI benefits

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Employment Insurance (EI) benefits are paid to people who are looking for work and who are not earning an income. You are not entitled to receive benefits without meeting these two requirements. To make sure that you do meet these requirements, Employment and Social Development Canada has a reporting system that must be followed.


EI reports

Once you apply for EI benefits, you are required to complete and submit EI reports to Employment and Social Development Canada in order to continue to receive benefits. During the period your EI claim is active, you must submit reports every two weeks that show you are still entitled to receive EI benefits. You can submit these reports online using the EI Internet Reporting Service, or by phone, using the EI Telephone Reporting Service. On your EI reports, you must indicate whether you:

  • were outside Canada during the period of the report,
  • worked or received earnings, including self-employment earnings,
  • started a full-time job,
  • attended school or a training course,
  • were ready, willing, and capable of working each day, and
  • received or will receive money other than that already reported.

All of these factors will help determine how much and for how long you will receive benefits.

Whether you file your reports online or by telephone, you will need an Access Code and your Social Insurance Number. Once you have applied for benefits, you will be mailed an EI benefit statement that will provide you with this Access Code and will tell you the date you have to submit your first EI report.


Making false statements

If you make a false statement at any time while applying for benefits or reporting your situation, there may be penalties that include losing your benefits, having to pay back money you collected, or being prosecuted for a criminal offence. If you forget to report something or make a mistake in reporting, you should inform Employment and Social Development Canada immediately. As long as you come forward on your own, and they have not started to investigate you, they may decide not to penalize you or prosecute you.

If you are unsure about the requirements you must meet while you are receiving benefits, or for more information, visit canada.ca.

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