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Ryerson University

Region: Ontario Answer # 900

Ryerson University, Faculty of Law, is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Degree Program

In April 2019, the Law Society of Ontario approved Ryerson University’s application to designate its Juris Doctor (JD) program as an Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC). This means that graduates will not have to complete LSO’s Law Practice Program or the articling requirement to be licensed as lawyers in Ontario. Currently, the University does not offer an LLM program.

The 3-year JD program includes a mandatory professional placement (four months in the third year), and “immersive bootcamps” that aim to teach students a diverse range of skills, from coding to innovative business skills.

When does the Faculty of Law open?

The Faculty of Law began accepting applications for its JD program in August 2019 for enrolment in the fall of 2020. Applications must be made through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC).

Admission / How to Apply

To qualify for admission to the JD program. applicants must have completed a minimum of two years of education at the undergraduate level. Applicant’s will be considered based on their LSAT score, personal statement, application materials and an online video interview.

Ryerson will accept 150 students into its law program each year.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition for the Ryerson Faculty of Law is about $21,100 per year. Extensive financial aid is available through scholarships and awards. Students enrolled in Ryerson’s JD program are also eligible for OSAP.

Activities and Services

Ryerson University offers a number of student organizations and services, including: Student Affairs, RU Student Life Blog, Aboriginal Student Services (RASS), Aboriginal Education Council, and the Ryerson Student Learning Centre (SLC). It’s state of the art Mattamy Athletic Centre (MACO) is located close to campus at the Maple Leaf Gardens historical building.

The Faculty of Law plans to establish a student-run legal aid clinic to provide services to underserved populations. The clinic will also offer students practical, hands-on experience.

Information on the number of students that will be enrolled, faculty, the cost of tuition, and financial aid will be published as it becomes available. For more information, visit Ryerson University, Faculty of Law.

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