Thompson Rivers University

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Thompson Rivers University, Faculty of Law, located in Kamloops, British Columbia was established in 2011.

Degree Programs

The Faculty offers a 3-year JD degree program.


To qualify for admission a regular applicant must have obtained one of the following, from a degree granting institution:

  • an undergraduate degree in an approved course of study,
  • successfully completed the first three years (minimum 90 credits) or more of an approved course of study leading to an undergraduate degree, or
  • successfully completed the first two years of studies leading to an undergraduate degree, and be currently enrolled in the third year of the program.

Along with official transcripts, also required is the applicant’s LSAT score, personal statement, two letters of reference (it is strongly recommended that one be an academic), and any other supplemental documents required by their selected category of admission.

Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

There are currently approximately 100 students enrolled in the first year Faculty of Law Program, with 300 students enrolled in the Program overall, and over 25 faculty members.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Tuition is approximately $19,000 a year, plus an additional $2,000 for books and supplies. Thompson Rivers University offers a comprehensive range of programs to help students locate resources to cover basic educational costs. These programs are all administered through the Financial Aid & Awards Office and include bursaries, WorkStudy Program, grants and government student assistance programs.

Activities and Services

The primary student organization at Thompson Rivers, Faculty of Law, is the TRU Society of Law Students. A number of clubs and programs have been established under the Society of Law Students banner. These include: Indigenous Law Students’ Association; Environmental Law and Natural Resources Club; Canadian Lawyers Abroad Club; and the Human Rights Club.

For more information, visit Thompson Rivers, Faculty of Law.

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