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The Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta is the oldest law school in western Canada. The University of Alberta officially opened in 1908 and by the following year, the Faculty of Law was already in the early development stage. Initially, the University worked in partnership with the Law Society of Alberta to hold examinations for entrance into the Law Society on its behalf. In addition to this, the University also began offering lectures as part of a developing Bachelor of Laws degree program within the new Faculty of Law, which was created in 1912. Degrees currently available include a JD, an LL.M, and a PhD degree in law.

Students benefit from being members of a diverse student body. The highly regarded LL.M program attracts students from as far away as Asia, Africa and Europe. The Faculty welcomes visiting students as well as international exchange students, and it maintains an active educational exchange program, which also includes a relationship with the University of Siena in Tuscany, Italy.


To be considered for admission to the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, applicants need to have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, or at least the first three years (90 credit hours) of a program leading to a degree, at the University of Alberta or from a university recognized by the University of Alberta; completion of the LSAT is also required.

Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

The law program at the University of Alberta is a quota program. The first year class maximum is set at 185 students. The Faculty usually receives about 1,200 applications each year for admission into first year. The Faculty of Law currently has approximately 500 students and over 30 full-time Faculty members.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition costs about $13,500 per year, while estimated additional expenses for books and course materials is about $1,500. The Faculty of Law offers a number of entrance scholarships and bursaries. Financial aid is offered through provincial government student loans.

Activities and Services

The Faculty of Law houses five high-profile centres and institutes: the Alberta Law Reform Institute; the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice; the Centre for Constitutional Studies; the International Ombudsman Institute; and the Health Law Institute. The Faculty also offers a Career Services Office and several full-time Career Development Officer to provide resources, opportunities, and individual counselling to assist students in their career search.

The Career Development Officer offers numerous events and services throughout the academic year, such as: On-Campus Interviews with firms from several cities across Canada; Career Fairs; Job Shadowing Program; Non-traditional legal career information sessions; and Job application and interview skills workshops and counselling.

For more information, visit the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law.

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