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The University of Manitoba, Robson Hall Faculty of Law understands that while most students take law to become practising lawyers, some are taking law as an additional discipline to enhance their opportunities in fields other than the practice of law. Therefore, while the emphasis is on the academic study of substantive law, the study is carried on in a practical context.

In addition to lectures and seminars, students have the opportunity to develop research, writing, and forensic skills which will prove useful in the practice of law. In first year, students become familiar with the various resource materials available in a law library, and follow a program designed to develop legal research and writing techniques. In second and third years, they participate in moot courts, fictitious trials and appeals, which provide practice in research, examination of witnesses, and courtroom argument.


Degree Programs

Robson Hall, Faculty of Law offers a three year Juris Doctor (JD) as well as a Masters of Law (LLM) degree. The JD degree may permit a concentration on Aboriginal legal issues, Business Law, or Human Rights.



Minimum admission requirements for the JD program include: 60 credit hours in an approved bachelors program (two full years of university) or if an applicant is over the age of 26 and does not have any post-secondary education, the equivalent of 1 full year (30 credits) is acceptable. Also required is completion of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and proof of English proficiency.


Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

There are usually about 1,000 applicants for first-year, while only about 100 students are enrolled.  The faculty totals about 27 full-time and 40 sessional members.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition costs about $10,000 per year. Estimated additional expenses per year, including room and board, and books and supplies are about $13,000. Financial aid is available through the University of Manitoba Bursary Program; the University of Manitoba Emergency Loans; and government student loans.


Activities and Services

In addition to the Manitoba Law Students Association there exists a diversity of student groups at Robson Hall, including: Robson Hall Bilingual Students Association; Business Law Group; Family Law Group; Feminist Legal Forum; Manitoba Aboriginal Law Students Association (MALSA); MBA Mentorship Program; Mediators Beyond Borders; and Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC).

The Faculty of Law Career Development Office assists students with their search for summer and articling positions.

For more information, visit the University of Manitoba, Robson Hall, Faculty of Law.

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