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The University of Ottawa is located in the nation’s capital, within walking distance of Parliament, the National Library, National Archives, the Supreme Court, and other government offices and cultural centres.  The Faculty of Law offers both Common Law and Civil Law degrees preparing graduates for careers in Canada’s two legal systems.  The University is unique in that it allows students to elect to study Common Law in either English or French or both.

Degree Programs

The Common Law Section is a full service national law school specializing in Advocacy, Conflict Resolution, Environmental Law, International Law, and Technology Law.  While Common Law receives by far the largest number of applications from prospective students each year, students may apply for the one year National Program to obtain an additional degree in Civil Law. The Programme de droit Canadien allows students to earn both a Common Law and Civil Law degree (JD and LL.L.) in three years.

The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law also offers a combined JD/MBA degree; a unique Dual JD program in partnership with two American law schools, the University of Washington College of Law and Michigan State University College of Law; and a combined JD/MA program in International Relations.



When applying for admission, applicants must be at least in their third year of undergraduate studies (having completed 90 credits or 30 half-courses prior to beginning law school). Students are strongly encouraged to complete their undergraduate program of studies in full prior to beginning law school.  The Law School Admission Test (LSAT), a personal statement, two reference forms and official transcripts of all post-secondary studies are also required of all applicants.


Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

There are approximately 3,200 applicants for the first-year English Program, and over 300 for the French Program. Around 300 are enrolled in the first-year English program, and about 80 in the French program. The total number of full-time students is approximately 1,200. The faculty consists of about 80 full-time and part-time members.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition for the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law is approximately $16,000 per year. Estimated additional expenses per year, including room and board, and books and supplies are about $12,000. Scholarships as well as performance and need-based bursaries are available.

Activities and Services

Activities and services available at the faculty include publication of the Ottawa Law Review, the Career & Professional Development Office, and the Common Law Student Society. The faculty also houses a number of student-run Legal Clinics, including: the Community Legal Clinic, the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, and the Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic. Clubs and associations include the Aboriginal Law Students’ Association; International Law Student Association; Criminal Law Student Association; and the University of Ottawa Association of Women and the Law.

For more information visit the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law – Common Law.

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