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University of Sherbrooke

Region: Ontario Answer # 911

Located in Quebec, the University of Sherbrooke, Faculty of Law offers law programs at the bachelor, graduate and postgraduate levels. Primarily French-speaking, this school is unique in that it offers a combined Bachelor of Law and Master of Business Administration degree.

The three-year Bachelors Program offers two graduate degrees: a Common Law/Transnational Law (JD), and an LL.B/Co-op – a three-year program consisting of two years of study plus a one year co-op (work/study) program. Other Masters programs include a Master of Laws (LL.M)/Masters in Law and Health Policy, and Master of Prevention and Settlement of Disputes. A postgraduate Doctor of Law (LL.D) is also available.

There are appromimately 1,300 students enrolled at the Faculty of Law, and over 40 faculty members.

Full-time tuition is about $5,000 per year, depending on your province of residence. Financial assistance is available through various awards and scholarships, and government loans and bursaries.

For more information, visit the University of Sherbrooke, Faculty of Law.

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