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The Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto is a national law school established in 1887 and is located on the downtown campus of Canada’s largest university.

Degree Programs

There are many degrees and combined degrees available in the JD program including: Juris Doctor (JD); Combined JD/MA or JD/PhD programs; Master of Laws (LLM); Doctor of Laws (SJD); Masters in Studies in Law (MSL); and the Global Professional Master of Laws (GPLLM).

Enrolment / Student Body / Faculty

There are usually over 2,300 applicants for first-year, while only about 210 students are enrolled. The total number of students for all three years is approximately 815 (650 JD students, 85 graduate LLM/SJD students, and 80 GPLLM students). The faculty includes over 50 full-time members, 60 adjunct faculty, and 8-15 distinguished visiting faculty.

Expenses and Financial Aid

Full-time tuition for the University of Toronto Faculty of Law is about $30,000 per year. Estimated additional expenses per year, including room and board, and books and supplies, are about another $15,000. Extensive financial aid is available through scholarships, interest-free loans while at law school, and bursaries.

Activities and Services

There are a number of clubs and services available to law students at the University, including the U of T Law Union, the Students’ Law Society (SLS), and the JD/MBA Law Students’ Association.

Also available is the University of Toronto’s Career Development Office (CDO), which is committed to preparing students who are seeking summer employment and articling positions and those looking for legal and law-related positions in Canada and elsewhere.

The Career Development Office offers a variety of services to its students including: career and coaching advice, career planning and development workshops and seminars, resume and cover letter review, interview preparation assistance and clerkship application support and access to job postings. This office also facilitates the on-campus recruitment visits of Canadian and American law firms.

For more information, visit the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.

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