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USA citizenship application process

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The USA citizenship application process involves many steps:

File an application

  • The applicant must file an application through USCIS using form N-400
  • USCIS will issue a receipt of the application notice
  • USCIS will send the applicant an appointment notice for biometrics (fingerprints and photo) to be taken at a local application support centre (ASC) office

USCIS review, background check, and interview

  • USCIS will complete an initial review and background check and the applicant will be sent an notice to appear for an interview at a local office (depending on location, it may not be the same place as where the applicant completed biometrics).
  • Prior to meeting with an officer, the applicant will need to pass a general English and Civics test. Study guides and all possible Civics questions are available online at uscis.gov.
  • At the interview, the officer will review the application with the applicant and confirm the applicant’s intent to be and remain loyal to the US.

Approval of application and oath-swearing ceremony

  • Once an officer approves the application, the applicant will be scheduled for an oath-swearing ceremony. At that point, the applicant is officially a naturalized US citizen.

For more information about applying for USA citizenship, visit to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Citizenship Resource Centre.

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