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What are private security services?

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The role of the security services industry is to:

  • safeguard individuals, businesses, and property;
  • promote public safety; and
  • safeguard the rights of individuals.

Who uses private security services?

There are many types of organizations and businesses that may require security services. This includes:

  • residential complexes,
  • educational institutions,
  • cultural institutions,
  • financial institutions,
  • health institutions,
  • retail establishments,
  • transportation facilities, and
  • various private and public sectors organizations

Services may be provided by public or private security agencies, or an individual who is self-employed. For help with security services, including corporate, business, and personal security, contact our preferred experts, Smith Security.

What types of security are there?

A professional security services company can provide several different types of security, such as:

  • corporate security,
  • government and private organizations security,
  • personal protection,
  • construction site security,
  • residential security,
  • retail and other business security, and
  • cyber security

What types of services are offered?

Private security service professionals, such as security guards, may perform several security services, including:

  • protect property against theft, vandalism and fire
  • control access to establishments
  • maintain order and enforce regulations at public events and within establishments
  • screen passengers, luggage or cargo
  • issue passes and direct visitors to appropriate areas
  • check age identification of patrons
  • recommend security systems (e.g. electronic detection devices and access devices)
  • investigate unlawful acts of employees or patrons of businesses
  • prevent and detect shoplifting and theft in retail stores

Private security occupations

The Government of Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) (Canada’s national system for describing occupations) provides the following sample list of security guard and related security service occupations:

  • Alarm investigator
  • Armed security guard
  • Armoured car guard
  • Bodyguard (except police)
  • Commissionaire
  • Corporate security officer
  • House detective
  • Night guard
  • Postal inspection officer
  • Private investigator
  • Private security officer
  • Screening officer
  • Security gate attendant
  • Store detective
  • Theft prevention officer

Training and regulations

Professional security service providers must follow a comprehensive set of laws and regulations, which include licensing, training, uniform and identification requirements. There are strict penalties for non-compliance with the laws. View other Answers in Private Security for more information.

For help

For help with security services, including corporate security, personal protection, construction site security and retail loss prevention, contact our preferred experts, Smith Security. If you are interested in becoming a professional security guard, they also offer a government approved security guard training course.

For legal help, contact a lawyer.

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