What happens once the police arrest the offender?

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Being charged

Upon arrest, the person who assaulted you will be taken to the police station where formal charges will be laid. Unless the police believe that the offender is a threat to your safety or may leave the province, the offender will usually be released to wait for their trial date.

Bail hearing

If the police decide to hold the offender in police custody, the offender will be taken for a bail hearing usually the next day. A bail hearing is a meeting with a justice of the peace who decides whether the offender should be released. If the justice decides that the person should be released, the justice often attaches conditions. For example, the justice could order that the person stay away from you, or stay away from certain places. The justice might also order the person not to drink alcohol or take drugs. If the person breaks these rules they can be arrested and charged.

If the justice decides that the offender should be held in custody and not released, the offender will generally be held at a local detention centre until their trial several months later.

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