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What is a Parole Board Police Check?

Region: Ontario Answer # 2111

As part of the Record Suspension (RS) process, applicants must obtain LPRCs in the form prescribed by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). The PBC requires that an LPRC be obtained from the local police where the individual lives at the time the application is submitted, and for each jurisdiction where the applicant has lived for a period of three months or more within the past five years. Using the PBC’s standard form, the local police are required to disclose the existence and details of convictions, if any, which are in addition to those appearing on CPIC. Local police are also required to provide all information related to incidents involving police and all charges regardless of the outcome, including convictions and charges under provincial laws, such as driving offences.

How to request a Parole Board Police check

The police charge a fee for this type of search. The individual must go to each relevant police service in person and present two pieces of identification, one of which must be government issued (such as a driver’s license) containing the person’s name and date of birth, photograph, and signature. This type of police records check is only valid for a period of six months, consequently, individuals should not request this search until they are certain that they are eligible to apply for their RS and that all other documents have been acquired.

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