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What products can be made from hemp?

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Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. The main difference between hemp and other strains of cannabis such as marijuana is that has a much lower THC cannabinoid content (less than 0.3% in Canada) and a higher CBD content.

Because of this hemp does not product any psychoactive effects, such as the feeling of euphoria or intoxication that many cannabis users experience, and therefore it is used for much different purposes than recreational or even medical cannabis.

The two main reasons for hemp production are to produce:

  1. Industrial hemp
  2. Hemp as a food product


Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp refers to hemp plants that are grown for their fibre and stock used to make a large number of commercial and industrial products. This includes:

  • rope
    • twine, climbing rope, sailing ropes, jewelry
  • plastics
    • water bottles, plastics used in construction of cars and boats
  • paper
    • art paper, printing paper
  • building materials
    • roofing, flooring, plaster, particle board biodegradable plastics, paint and insulation
  • biofuel, used in cars instead of regular oil
  • consumer goods
    • sunglasses, backbacks, wallets, tote bags, pens, laundry detergent, furniture
  • beauty products
    • body lotions, lip balms, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, soap, cleansers, sunscreen
  • automobile manufacturing
    • hemp composites and plastics can be used in various parts of automobile construction, such as dashboards, body molding upholstery
  • pet products
    • bedding, dog collars and leashes

Hemp fibre in clothing and textiles

Hemp fibre is very popular in creating textiles and making clothes because it is:

  • stronger and longer-lasting than cotton and most other plants
  • very porous allowing skin to breath
  • eco-friendly and sustainable: requires 50% less water to grow than cotton and requires no use of pesticides

The many kinds of clothing and other textile items that are made from hemp fibre include:

  • jeans
  • shirts
  • shoes
  • coats
  • yoga pants
  • hats
  • socks
  • flip flops
  • belts
  • sheets
  • towels
  • curtains
  • tablecloths
  • blankets

Hemp in food

Hemp is also cultivated for use in food products. Most commonly the seeds and oil are added to foods as a supplement and are considered to be very beneficial to health.

  • Hemp seeds are considered an excellent nutritional source of Omega fatty acids and protein, and are often added as a supplement to other meals such as breakfast cereal and smoothies
  • Hemp seed oils are also considered an excellent nutritional source of Omega fatty acids and are used in salad dressings, bread, baked goods, etc.

Other food products made from hemp seeds and hemp seed oil include:

  • hemp protein powders
  • energy bars
  • veggie burgers
  • granola
  • dips and sauces
  • hemp milk
  • hemp flour
  • hemp tea, coffee, bear and other hemp infused drinks

Hemp oil in health products

Hemp oil is not just used in foods. It is also considered a therapeutic essential oil and used in aromatherapy candles, massage oils, and bath oils etc. Some people use it to treat certain specific medial conditions, such as:

  • sleep disorders,
  • chronic pain,
  • Alzheimer’s disease, and
  • various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Other, not as conventional uses for hemp include:

Soil Cleanup 

Hemp can be a natural solution for soil replenishment and decontamination. Conventional crops (such as corn and wheat) deplete the nutrition of soil, causing it to dry out and erode. Hemp’s deep roots help stabilize the soil structure. Also, since hemp plants grow quickly (180-500 cm tall in just 110 days), they provide natural shade which kills weeds. This eliminates the need of costly and toxic herbicides.

In any contaminated soil, hemp also actively absorbs heavy-metal contaminants from soil, gradually purifying the earth.

Oil Spill Cleanup: Bioremediation

Hemp’s core has been found to be a carrier of microorganisms for bioremediation. Bioremediation describes a process in which certain microorganism, such as those found in hemp, break down oil by feeding off of it.

Once metabolized, the resulting substances can be released back into the water or soil without the toxins.

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