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What will be disclosed on a police records check for volunteer purposes?

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What will be disclosed on a police records check for volunteers depends on what type of police records check is being conducted (such as if the check is for the vulnerable sector) and the individual policies of each police service. First of all, criminal records which are held in the local police record management system will be disclosed. These reports usually include information about outstanding charges, warrants, convictions, and discharges. Sometimes, depending on the police service and the position applied for, these reports may include information beyond charges and convictions, such as allegations, pending charges, and non-guilty dispositions.

As well, local police records checks generally also include a CPIC check. This reveals criminal records held in the RCMP’s Investigative and Identification data banks. The applicant may also be asked to obtain an RCMP Report, which is an official copy of the criminal record (if any) held by the RCMP and is only obtainable after submitting fingerprints.

Finally, if the individual is planning on volunteering with an organization that deals with vulnerable people (such as children, the elderly, and the disabled), then the local police records check will reveal whether the individual has been pardoned for an offence of a sexual nature. If you wish to become a volunteer, it is best to have your criminal record removed first.

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