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When must a judgment be paid?

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If you win a lawsuit, the judge will normally order the other person to pay you for damages you suffered and for your court costs. If you are owed money you are called a creditor and the person who owes you the money is called the debtor. The judgment may say that the debtor must pay the money owed right away, or it may allow the debtor to pay the money over a period of time according to a payment schedule. Often, the judgment says nothing about when the money must be paid.

If you are a creditor, you should speak to the debtor, to make sure that the person knows how and where to pay you. Sending a letter to the debtor is a good idea. The letter should confirm the amount owing, including all the interest to date, and when you expect to receive payment. If the debtor does not pay the money owed, you will have to take steps to collect it.

Taking steps to collect on a judgment is called enforcing a judgment.

More information about judgments can be found from the Ministry of the Attorney General. View the Ontario Courts of Justice Act for Postjudgement and Prejudgement Interest Rates.


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