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When will a USA Entry Waiver application be denied?

Region: Ontario Answer # 2215

A USA Entry Waiver application can be denied for many reasons, such as: the application was not completed properly; the processing fee was not paid; all necessary supporting documents were not provided; or the applicant did not show sufficient rehabilitation.

In most cases, if the Administration Review Office (ARO) is proposing to deny the Waiver application, they will send an I-72 Form to the applicant. The I-72 will list the reasons why the ARO is proposing to deny the application and will give the person a deadline within which to respond (usually around 87 days).

The applicant will then have the chance to do whatever is requested within the designated time-period given. Usually the ARO will need further documentation. Sometimes, however, the ARO may request that the applicant undergo a psychological or physical examination.

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