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Government and Agency Partner Testimonials

Our RCMP Head Office gave us a box of Legal Line flyers and we pass them on to every victim that we deal with.

Shirley DenBraber
Program Manager
RCMP Fort Saskatchewan and District Victim Services

I received your materials on my desk at work from our Head Detachment. At Victim services we refer clients and family’s to Legal Line. We act as a referral agency to many clients, most of whom are in need of legal advice and have little to no experience with the legal system.

Our staff and volunteers attend or contact victims of incidents at the RCMP attend such as: sudden death’s, homicide, serious MVI’s, sex assaults, assaults, break & enter attempts, domestic’s, & fires to name a few. Your information is very comprehensive and a good resource which our staff and volunteers are happy to pass on to our clients. We hand out flyers and brochures for many community helping agencies and our “kits” for our call-outs are based on what they need and we always include Legal Line. All victim services workers also carry a Victim Services bag with various brochures and information we take to all calls as well.

We have always had information to service victims in the ‘criminal’ realm but we have always had very little information to give victims who need help with any other type of law such as civil, family, seniors, employment, immigration law, etc so Legal Line is now our one-stop agency for help.

Brad Grantham
Victim Services Assistant
RCMP Victim Services, Prince George

I am the person that all your pamphlets have been sent to over the years. I am a municipal employee working for the RCMP. I formally and respectfully request 500 more.

Judi Litzenberger, Operational Support Manager
RCMP Grande Prairie Detachment
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

We ordered the Alberta Legal Telephone Directory. The directory came with Legal Line inserts and a variety of other government contacts. Your flyers and posters will be of great benefit to our civilian walk-ins, and our RCMP staff members so please send us 5,000 flyers, or as many as we can have because we would like everyone that comes in contact with us to have one.

Cheryl Nikonchuk
Detachment Clerk, Alberta
RCMP Olds Detachment

Our program provides support, information and referrals to victims of crime and tragedy. We use Legal Line materials as referral information to the victims so they can have access to quality legal information. Our program jurisdiction covers (3) three RCMP detachment areas and Legal Line is prominently displayed in the lobbies of each, as well as in all our Victim Services locations. Everyone who sees your flyers grab a handful, so we need more, fast and often.

Donna Murphy
Program Coordinator
RCMP Chinook Arch Victim’s Services Society


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